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Miley Cyrus Controversy; Do Women Have a Low Sex Drive?

Aired May 12, 2010 - 21:00:00   ET


JOY BEHAR, HOST: Tonight on THE JOY BEHAR SHOW, Miley Cyrus has gone from pole dancing at the Teen Choice Awards to giving her movie producer a lap dance. I`m all for taking up the art of dance but maybe she should start with tap.

Then when asked if he`d play golf with President Obama, Rush Limbaugh said yes. Something tells me the club Rush joined probably doesn`t allow Democrats.

And do women have a low sex drive and is it a problem? It`s entirely possible I could live without nookie (ph). Now nooki, that`s a different story.

That and more, right now.

Disney star Miley Cyrus is at an awkward age in Hollywood, between 16 and adulthood. Now video has surfaced showing her doing a bump and grind at a Disney party. TMZ got the footage. Take a look.




BEHAR: So, is this appropriate or just typical 17-year-old behavior? In a few minutes we`re going to see something even more outrageous.

Here with me now are `80s pop star and singer, Tiffany; Kiely Williams, former Disney Cheetah Girl who toured with Miley; and Stacy Kaiser, psychotherapist. Welcome ladies to the show.

Kiely, let me start with you. Is this typical 17-year-old behavior?

KIELY WILLIAMS, TOURED WITH MILEY CYRUS: I definitely think it`s typical 17-year-old behavior. I think that the reason why people are so outraged is because Miley has been playing a 13-year-old for years on the Disney channel.

BEHAR: I don`t remember doing anything like that when I was 17 years old. I was petrified to go to those clubs and just bump and grind with strangers like that. I don`t think it`s so typical.

WILLIAMS: Well she wasn`t -- she wasn`t bumping and grinding with a stranger. She had known this man. She was friends with this man. She was expressing herself through dance. Dance has changed a lot over the course of the years. But I don`t think that it`s anything to be outraged about or, you know, really incensed about.

BEHAR: Yes. The guy is a 44-year-old openly gay producer. So it`s not like she`s going to hook up with him, let me just say that. It seems a little bit suggestive.

Tiffany, you posed naked in "Playboy". Were you criticized for that?

TIFFANY, SINGER: Oh, definitely. Definitely.

BEHAR: How old were you?

TIFFANY: Well, I just did it like six years ago, so -- for me, I think that being a young child star, you always run that risk if people don`t see you in a different light, that you`re going to get stuck in that. I think that`s kind of what happened with me.

I didn`t really have the, you know -- the bump to kind of really just say, no, I`m an adult now, guys. Everybody that I was working with was always afraid of having me grow up too fast. But at 25, 26 when I was doing new, current music, people still were seeing me as a 15-year-old. That`s the problem with that as well. And you are in an adult world when you`re out traveling the world and doing videos.

BEHAR: Right.

WILLIAMS: Absolutely.

BEHAR: And Miley`s latest video "Can`t Be Tamed", it`s also under fire for being too racy.

Let`s watch the clip.




BEHAR: Tiffany, what do you think of that? Too racy or not?

TIFFANY: I don`t think so myself. I think she`s an artist. I have a 17-year-old son, so seeing the TMZ video, I have to say that that`s what they`re doing now. And again it was amongst friends. It wasn`t like she was bumping and grinding against some guy at a club and she was under the influence of alcohol or something.

WILLIAMS: Absolutely.

TIFFANY: It was after her video and it was amongst friends.

BEHAR: Right.

TIFFANY: Unfortunately, that`s how everybody dances nowadays.

BEHAR: I know.

TIFFANY: And she had short shorts on but she wasn`t really naked.

BEHAR: Whatever happened to the cha cha?

WILLIAMS: Well, in some senses, the cha cha can be quite suggestive, as we`ve seen on "Dancing with the Stars".

BEHAR: That`s true. You`re right.

Now, Kiely you recently released a racy video, too. How did you respond to the criticism? I understand your lyrics on the video are way more racy than Miley`s.

WILLIAMS: They are.

BEHAR: But you`re 24 years old. Miley is still under 20.

WILLIAMS: I am. And it is quite different, but with "Spectacular", the video that I released, I was sending a message mainly about the completely and totally, in my opinion, irresponsible behavior that young women are employing all over this country which is going out and having drunk and anonymous sex. And so our intention with "Spectacular" was to send a blunt clear message of this is the way that having a one-night stand really is depicted and this is the way it can negatively affect your life.

BEHAR: Well, you know, the other thing about it is her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, loves the video. I mean in certain ways, Stacy, if the parents are approving of it, then who are we to criticize, right?

STACY KAISER, PSYCHOTHERAPIST: I have to tell you that`s the biggest problem I have with it, is that her parents seem to be approving of this sort of sexually provocative behavior, videos, dancing, tattoos, all of the stuff that most of us do not want our 17-year-olds to be doing.

BEHAR: Well, she doesn`t live in Los Angeles, this girl. She goes to church regularly. And she has these supportive parents. You know, she`s not really like Lindsay Lohan. She`s in much better shape, I think, family wise. She seems to be ok.

I don`t think everybody who is in the teen scene in Hollywood have to end up badly. Look at Christina Aguilera did ok, Justin Timberlake, both Disney stars who turned out well. So should we be worrying about Miley?

KAISER: I definitely think that she`s in better shape than Lindsay at this point but there`s some red flags. When your parents give you too long of a leash, they let you get away with too much stuff and there`s too much sexual stuff around you, it can make an impact as you get older.

BEHAR: Yes. Ok.

Now we`ve been talking about late teens and early 20s. but look at this video of 7-year-old girls dancing. Watch this.




BEHAR: I mean really, Stacy, shouldn`t their parents be aware of what`s going on here? This video is a pedophile`s dream.

KAISER: Absolutely.

BEHAR: A mother`s nightmare. I cannot believe that they allow their children to do that.

KAISER: I feel the same way. And to think these parents are sitting in the audience. And part of what`s so shocking to me is these kids are performing -- it reminds me of that whole pageant -- look where they`re getting attention and applause for doing something that is sexually suggestive.

BEHAR: Oh, the JonBenet Ramsey syndrome?

KAISER: Exactly.

BEHAR: But I mean these kids are even -- I think that this is even worse because these children are bumping and grinding just like a grownup. They are 7 years old. That means, what, first grade? It`s unbelievable to me.

Tiffany, how do you look at that? What do you think when you`re looking at that?

TIFFANY: I started out as a dancer. I did Tahitian and belly dancing. And I think when I see something like this, what really bothers me is the combination of the moves and the outfits. I think if they were - - I`m not overly thrilled about a 7-year-old bumping and grinding, but I think that the outfits are very inappropriate with doing that as well.

It`s one or the other kind of thing for me. I get the artistic choreography. And they look good, but together with the less of the clothing, it`s just too much. It`s just too much.

BEHAR: I think it`s outrageous.

Kiely, let me ask you, do you think these little girls are aware they`re being sexualized like that?

WILLIAMS: I don`t think that they`re aware that they`re being sexualized. I don`t think they look at it like that at all. When I was little I just wanted to be like my older sister. I wanted to do what she did and emulated her every move.

But what I do think is a shame is that parents really are looking at that and saying this is horrible, this is outrageous instead of looking at their own families and their own homes to see what they can do to actually make the changes that they see in these videos; children out doing these same dances and acting in the same way and then being upset about it on the Internet.

BEHAR: Stacy, don`t you think the parents of these children should be -- I would say under arrest. I would put them under arrest. It`s like they bought the out fits for these girls. They`re watching this. They`re sitting in the audience, watching this. I think it`s unbelievable. It`s child abuse, in my opinion.

KAISER: Absolutely. It`s disgusting. One of the things that really bother me is there`s something about boundaries here. These kids are being told that this is the way to look, this is the way to dress. So, where do you draw the line? Do they get to wear belly shirts to school and these little short shorts? Absolutely not. But these parents, they`re sending mixed messages.

WILLIAMS: Exactly.

BEHAR: Tiffany, why do younger girls want to always look older? At my age I want to look younger. We all want to look younger after 40.

TIFFANY: Well, now, yes. I`m there now.

BEHAR: I mean a lot of little girls, they just can`t wait to look older. What is that about? Should we encourage that?

TIFFANY: I don`t know if we should encourage it, to be honest with you. I think it`s worse now than when I was growing up.

And I think that is, like Stacy was talking about, there should be boundaries. It should start at home. As a parent, you should say that`s unacceptable for you to dress like that. I don`t care if anybody else is doing it. You`re my daughter. It`s not going to happen.

And I do think there should be accountability. But girls see things on TV and they want to be like the pop stars. They want to be, you know --

BEHAR: Right.

TIFFANY: They want to be with what`s in. So it`s not really their fault --


TIFFANY: -- but I do think that you do have to, as a parent, guide your child. I mean, if that was my 7-year-old girl, I -- I`m all in favor of performance but I certainly wouldn`t let them be wearing that.

BEHAR: Ok, thank you, ladies.

Up next, Lisa Rinna drops by to give her two cents on the ever-lasting mystery known as the female sex drive.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Coming up a little later on THE JOY BEHAR SHOW should Supreme Court nominee, Elena Kagan`s sexuality really matter? And an Amish mother poses nude, sells her panties online and wouldn`t you know it creates an Internet sensation.

Now back to Joy.

BEHAR: Apparently there is a group of women out there who are fed up with men and are giving up sex. And you can find some of them in Palm Springs at the Dinah Shore classic.

Here with me to take a look at this new celibacy are actress and author of "Rinnavation" Lisa Rinna, and sex and relationship expert and the author of "The Book of Love: Every couple`s guide to emotional and sexual intimacy", Dr. Laura Berman. Not serial intimacy.


LISA RINNA, ACTRESS: That`s a whole different show.

BEHAR: That`s a different show. Now, you know I was reading -- I`ve been reading a lot about celibacy lately. There was an article in the "Times" the other day.


BEHAR: And now I find out that Lady Gaga and Courtney Love are both going to go celibate. What`s going on?

BERMAN: Yes, what is going on?

RINNA: Yes, I`m going to give that to you.

BERMAN: You know, I think part of it that -- the article that you we`re referring to, they were talking about younger women who had been on this rash of one-night stands --


BERMAN: -- that were, get it, they were frustrated about it, they were disappointed in it. I always tell women don`t have sex with someone you don`t want to fall in love with because your brain gets washed in Oxytocin, that chemical detachment when you have good sex.

RINNA: I love oxytocin.

BEHAR: Is that the stuff --

BERMAN: That`s Oxycontin. It`s very different.


BERMAN: This is a natural chemical --

BEHAR: So don`t get -- say that again.

BERMAN: So in other words even if you don`t like the guy.


BERMAN: Just going with him for a one night stand. If it`s good sex you`ll get attached chemically. And so what happens to women who have lots of one night stand, they say, oh it`s no big deal I`m going to be -- it`s going to be casual and then it comes back biting them in the behind.

BEHAR: I see.

BERMAN: I think for a lot of women it`s not a bad idea if you`ve been in a long situation like that where you`ve been hurt again and again, you`re feeling frustrated, maybe you`ve got a sexually transmitted disease. Like take a break.

BEHAR: I see.

BERMAN: Regroup.

BEHAR: There`s another little story popping around in the "New York Times" about a church in Kansas helping women struggling with porn addiction.


BEHAR: Women and porn addiction. There`s a little -- big difference from a women`s porn and men`s porn. First of all, the men seem to me like gynecological training films. I`m just saying.


BEHAR: And women`s porn, is like, I like it because it has 24 hours of foreplay.

RINNA: Right and there`s a plot.

BERMAN: There`s a plot.

RINNA: I think porn is really a great tool, it`s really great to use porn. And I don`t think we talk about it enough. So I think it`s really surprising that all of a sudden these women are addicted to porn.


RINNA: Because I think it`s a great tool.

BERMAN: I don`t think that -- yes, I don`t think -- there`s certainly a place, a healthy place for erotica in a relationship. It seems to be more men that tend to be addicted. And with Internet pornography, it`s endless.


BEHAR: But now the women are getting addicted to porn.

BERMAN: Yes, I don`t know how prevalent that is. But --

RINNA: I don`t either because I mean, talking about low sexual desire in women --


RINNA: -- that seems to be what`s going on. Women aren`t feeling sexual.

BEHAR: Well, maybe the porn gets them going.

RINNA: And then they get addicted to it.

BEHAR: And then they get addicted to the porn rather than to sex.


BEHAR: Something like that maybe. Because I read a statistic that nearly 75 percent of women report experiencing a lack of sexual desire at least occasionally and 20 percent feeling it frequently.

BERMAN: That is a lot.

BEHAR: That is -- isn`t that the main dysfunction, the sexual dysfunction in women?

BERMAN: Yes, absolutely.

BEHAR: Not men, just women.

RINNA: Not men.

BERMAN: Thirty percent of women in this country, all under the age of 59, it`s even higher afterwards, struggle with low sexual desire. And we all go through ebbs and flows, but there -- there`s a real disorder or dysfunction called hypoactive sexual desire disorder or HSDD that really is --

BEHAR: If you can say it, you don`t have it.

BERMAN: Yes, maybe.



RINNA: Say it ten times fast.


BERMAN: But it`s really persistent and it causes her significant distress and so there`s a range of desire problems. Women experience different intensities of it.

BEHAR: Yes, but Dr. Laura when you -- and Lisa, when you first meet a guy and you`re running towards each other in slow motion --


BEHAR: -- and you can`t wait to hop into bed, that lasts for a few years.

RINNA: Well, it does.

BERMAN: If you`re lucky, yes.

RINNA: If you`re lucky.


RINNA: It`s true. But then it goes away.

BEHAR: It does, it goes away.

RINNA: Doesn`t it? I mean --


RINNA: You`ve been with your man for a long time.


RINNA: And I`ve been with mine for 18 years. I think as women, the sexual desire does ebb and flow. And it goes away. You`ve got to make a real effort especially if it goes away. It went away for me after I had our second child.

And so I felt like -- I have to find my sexuality again. And I didn`t even talk to -- I was just afraid to talk to my doctor. I think there`s a -- there`s a stigmatism to it. There`s a shame for women to come out and say you know I`m not feeling sexual. But I think it`s so much a part of a relationship and that connection.

BEHAR: Well, what are we supposed to do with that? I mean it`s evolutionary, really. Dr. Helen Fisher talks about this in one of her books. In the beginning, you`re there to procreate. That`s what nature provides.

RINNA: And then you do.

BEHAR: And then it becomes their job. What am i, collecting tolls on the Jersey turnpike here? I have enough jobs.

BERMAN: Evolution hasn`t caught up with modern medical technology. We`re not supposed to live much longer than our reproductive years.

BEHAR: that`s another thing.


BERMAN: But now we`re living into the hundreds. And now there`s this really amazing research happening where they actually have been able to identify that for women who hypoactive sexual desire disorders, their brain, areas of their brain are not functioning as well when exposed to sexual content as women who don`t have hypoactive sexual desire disorder. It`s not just being sick of your husband, having too much laundry to do, having too many kids to take care of.

BEHAR: Right. It`s a disorder.


BEHAR: But you`re not talking about that for yourself.

RINNA: I`m not. I was lucky. I was really lucky because I was able to get out of it. I was able to be really driven and find ways, whether it was pole dancing class, porn. I think you have to find a way or --

BEHAR: Pole dancing classes?


BEHAR: That turned you on? Or turned him on?

BERMAN: It made her feel sexy.


RINNA: You know what? It made me get in touch with my sexuality again and feel that. It`s not all about sex all the time either. You want to feel sexy as a woman, I think.

BEHAR: Right. I think that it`s a problem in marriages, though.

RINNA: It is a problem.

BEHAR: I think that -- you know, especially when you`re younger and you don`t want to do it anymore and it`s like whatever.

What about menopause? Get off of me. I`m hot.

BERMAN: Right. You`ve got the hormones working against you. In Lisa`s case there`s always emotional things, relationship things and now we know medical things that are standing in the way of a woman`s sex drive, her sex life.

In Lisa`s case, she was lucky enough that she didn`t have hypoactive sexual desire disorder. She had like situational low desire. Too many kids, too much on her plate, disconnected from her partner.

BEHAR: Yes, that`s true.

And we`re also raised to be good girls --

RINNA: We sure are.

BEHAR: And religion plays a big part in that, shame and you`re not supposed to play with yourself or any of that, you know.

BERMAN: Yes. And it also stands in the way -- it does.

BEHAR: Really.

BERMAN: It`s true.


BERMAN: Where does the vibrator come into that, too?

BEHAR: You know what? We`re going to have another segment with you girls. I have a few more things I really would like in the next segment to maybe tell people what they could do.

Stay right there. We`ll continue this discussion after the break.


BEHAR: I`m back with Lisa Rinna and Dr. Laura Berman. What if you don`t want to do it and you`re married? Are you supposed to do it anyway?

BERMAN: Yes and no. If you`re committed to a monogamous relationship, if you expect your partner to be monogamous, you`re committing to only being with each other. You`re his only sexual outlet. If you shut down from sex, what`s he supposed to do, first of all? Second of all, it`s the glue that really connects you and connects the two of you as more than roommates and co-parents.

BEHAR: Right.

BERMAN: So some women just don`t really care. It`s not such a big deal for them or their partner. For some women it`s a huge issue that`s affecting their quality of life.

BEHAR: Because the husband wants to have sex more often maybe?

BERMAN: It`s affecting their relationship because he`s frustrated, he`s disconnected from her. He`s shut down from her. She misses that feeling of being sexy.

RINNA: She probably doesn`t feel good.


BERMAN: You don`t feel good if you`re turning your husband away. You feel like something wrong.

BEHAR: Here`s a letter from a tweeter that says, "Why is it the more my husband want it is the more I want him to leave me alone?" Is that because the chase is gone? There`s a little bit of that?

BERMAN: There is some of that. Also when someone is coming at you, at you, at you all the time, you just end up like this. There`s not any room.

RINNA: You need to play hard to get a little bit, I think.

BERMAN: And he needs to spend more time. The biggest complaint I get from women in that realm is that they don`t get enough -- the kissing has stopped.

RINNA: The romance.

BERMAN: Seduction has stopped.

RINNA: The love, the romance, it`s true.

BERMAN: Yes. And so first thing I`ll do with a couple that comes in to therapy with me is take sex off the table. No more sex.

BEHAR: That`s interesting.

BERMAN: Now we`re going to get you making out again. Now we`re going to get you reconnecting again. And we`re also going to see if there`s a medical issue at play because we can`t ignore that.

Yes, it`s about your relationship and your communication but there are sometimes real medical issues standing in the way.

BEHAR: What would you tell Tiger Woods?

BERMAN: Tiger Woods is, in my opinion, so far -- what I know so far of him is that he is really more of a serial cheater than an addict. And what he needs to do if they`re going to stay together -- whether they stay together or not is to really work on his issues around infidelity, how he was raised around it, the messages he got about women and monogamy, why he was cheating. Was it about --

BEHAR: He needs a shrink?

BERMAN: He needs a shrink, yes.

BEHAR: Here`s another question, "What if you feel empty inside and have no interest and the thought makes you physically ill?"


BEHAR: These are my viewers. Ok.


BERMAN: Actually it`s called sexual aversion disorder.

BEHAR: What if it`s the guy. You find him skeevy (ph). You don`t like him.

RINNA: Well then, maybe you`re with the wrong person.


BEHAR: Yes, but now you`ve got four kids, house and a laundry machine.

BERMAN: Well, why are you skeeved out by him? That`s the question. Are you seeing that he`s being a jerk and isn`t been helping you and he`s gained 40 pounds or were you always skeeved out with him?

BEHAR: Yes, I don`t know. I can`t ask her because she`s not here. How many times does the average person have sex in a lifetime? That`s a question.

BERMAN: That`s a good question. You know, I have to calculate that. The average couple has sex like one to two times a week, if they`re lucky and in good shape.


RINNA: So count that up for the lifetime.

BEHAR: Ok. So let`s just wrap it up here because we have to end this. What do you suggest to women out there who really are not interested right now? And they`re married and they have to be interested to keep the marriage together.

BERMAN: You`re not alone. There is help available.

BEHAR: No, there`s a three-way coming down the block. You`re not alone. I`m sorry. Go ahead.

RINNA: You`re right.

Women are entitled to a healthy sex life. We`re entitled to that.

BEHAR: And so get in touch with her -- read some porn maybe. Have a large --


BEHAR: Have a martini. Go on a date.


BERMAN: Go to the Web site. If you go to you`ll figure out, is it more mental, is it more relationship? Could there be something physical going on? How do I talk to my doctor?

RINNA: Get information, talk.

BERMAN: Don`t sweep it under the rug.

BEHAR: And tell your husband.

BERMAN: Talk to your husband about it.

RINNA: Start a dialogue and then I think it starts to help. Information is power.

BEHAR: Thank you, ladies, very much.


BEHAR: OK, nude photos of Emma, the Amish model, have come out on the internet. The people of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, were so upset, they dimmed all their candles for a minute. Here to talk about Amish porn and so much more are Jay Mohr, actor/comedian and author of "No Wonder My Parents Drank" and Rachel Sklar, Editor-At-Large and Joe Levy, editor and chief of "Maxim" magazine. OK, isn`t this a gimmick, Rachel? You know, once you expose yourself you`re not Amish anymore, right?

RACHEL SKLAR, EDITOR-AT-LARGE, MEDIAITE.COM: You know I think so. I think probably, for a second, you were talking about me, I was mortified you would find out about my Amish past. But no, I think the probably, she`s made a choice if she was ever really Amish in the first place. I don`t think you can come back after that.

BEHAR: So what is it about this, Jay? She`s just being like, men are turned on by the Amishness? What?

JAY MOHR, COMEDIAN: Originally she was turned down for Mennonite porn and all I can say --

BEHAR: Which is hotter? Mennonite or Amish --

MOHR: Mennonite is way hotter, it is very racy. All I can say is finally, I was waiting for a long time. I thought she should do photos like I`m surprised there`s not a niche market for her with like all the Amish stuff on.

SKLAR: I think she did take one photo in the garb.


MOHR: How do you know that`s porn and not a white sale?

BEHAR: You don`t know. Joe, do you think posing nude or selling her used underwear online? How would your mother like it?

JOE LEVY, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, MAXIM: No, no, I - how would my mom like it if she sold my used underwear online?


LEVY: Have you been to my Ebay account? Come on. It`s up there right now, people. Click the buy now button and you`ll get a good deal. I`ll make sure.


LEVY: I think it probably would upset her parents more was the photos. The underwear, there`s no electricity involved. You can take that to somebody who buys it -

BEHAR: That`s true.

LEVY: You know, a horse-drawn carriage but that picture thing, you need electricity.

BEHAR: But you can see where she would rebel if she is Amish, all that butter churning all the years.

SKLAR: At least rebel and ways to really rebel.

LEVY: By the way that butter churning and porn sounds hot. You`ve just come up with her next move.

MOHR: Is that her?

BEHAR: Yes, that`s her.

MOHR: That`s the girl?

BEHAR: Like a candy machine in between her legs. Whatever.

MOHR: Well, what else are you going to call it?

BEHAR: I don`t know.

SKLAR: Oh, man.

LEVY: Oh, that? No that`s a candy machine.

BEHAR: OK, before I move on, I want to apologize, first of all if, we`ve upset our Amish viewers and that goes for both of you. OK. OK, when asked if he would play golf with Rush Limbaugh, the President Obama, allegedly replied, Limbaugh can play with himself. OK, don`t feel bad. Rush can always go back to his original foursome, Dick Cheney, David Duke and Satan. OK Jay, now that came from the author of a book about Rush Limbaugh. Do you think the president actually said that? That Limbaugh --

MOHR: I`ll say this. I hope he said it. I hope the president has stones enough to, you know, to just put his foot down and say he can go -- I don`t want to say it wrong and get you in trouble.

BEHAR: He can he play with himself.

MOHR: He can play with himself. Maybe he just meant as part of America`s get fit program, he meant literally go out and stop being a fat drug addict. Go jog. Too soon?


BEHAR: No, it`s not.

MOHR: The guy is an actual convicted felon.

SKLAR: He is not, health is important.

MOHR: I agree with you.

SKLAR: Some butter churning, good, healthy.

MOHR: Rush Limbaugh dressed as an Amish girl churning butter.

BEHAR: Now that gets me hot.

SKLAR: See there`s a market for that.

BEHAR: OK, Joe, should the president be more conciliatory towards his opponent?

MOHR: Joe doesn`t know what conciliatory mean.


BEHAR: Yes, he does.

LEVY: I do and you and I will act it out later. I - should the president be more conciliatory -- sure but you know what, he`s already shown, he`s already shown himself as someone who will speak to his critics. With Rush Limbaugh, you`re talking about a guy who calls him a socialist -


LEVY: Who I believe has called him a Halfrican American.


MOHR: He also called him black.

LEVY: Which is fighting words, yes.

SKLAR: Can I just interrupt with a technicality?


SKLAR: There is no proof that the president actually said this, the report is that the author claims that a senior Democrat told him that the president might have said that but wouldn`t confirm it.

BEHAR: Exactly.

SKLAR: I don`t know.

BEHAR: Might be a nonstory.

LEVY: Still fun to talk about.

MOHR: Let`s make it one, give it legs.

BEHAR: But I mean why should the president, you just said he does respond to his opponents. Why should he shoot down like that? He should be above it all. He`s the president.

LEVY: Oh why should he play golf --

BEHAR: Obama is a disk jockey. I mean come on.

LEVY: He should not be playing golf with Rush Limbaugh -

BEHAR: I mean it is Rush Limbaugh.

LEVY: First of all that -

BEHAR: Is on the radio.

LEVY: It is going to be a very slow foursome.

SKLAR: That`s not going to be a fun four hours like or however long it takes to play golf.

LEVY: About four hours, it`s horrible.

BEHAR: All right -

LEVY: You play golf?

BEHAR: I`m tired of this story.

MOHR: If I had four hours to kill, I`m not going to waste it playing golf.

SKLAR: Back to the Amish girl.

BEHAR: All right, pay attention. There are Gay rumors are circulating about Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan viewed by this Wall Street photo journal of her playing softball. Don`t worry, I hear "Sports Illustrated" has a photo of Rupert Murdoch antiquing in province town. Yes, I lied. OK, all right, they`re saying that -- you know the story. "The Wall Street Journal" printed this picture. And a lot of people on the left are saying they`re trying to out her as a lesbian. She claims she`s not gay and her friends say she`s not. What is going on?

SKLAR: Everybody says she`s not gay. I don`t, where did it come down that she is gay?

MOHR: Did you see the photo?

BEHAR: The photo?

MOHR: Why am I shouting? Sorry, Joy, your sound guy, bleeding out of his ears.

BEHAR: That`s her right there?

LEVY: Everyone who plays softball are gay or just women who play softball are gay? I want to understand this.

SKLAR: I have played softball. Am I gay?

LEVY: OK, tell us more. Are you Amish?

SKLAR: I`m married.

LEVY: Are you Amish? This is getting hot. That`s a nice candy machine.

SKLAR: -- butter I assume.

BEHAR: What good is it to out her anyway? It doesn`t matter if she`s gay.

MOHR: I`ll tell you what it is. She`s going to sail through the nomination. So, they have to like just let the Right know, don`t worry, we`re on to it. There`s nothing we can do about it, but look at this photo. She is - you know, she`s a lovely lady, I`m sure.

BEHAR: She`s very smart.

SKLAR: Lovely lady? She`s clearly qualified, you know -

BEHAR: Right.

SKLAR: You know, she`s been in public life for long enough.

MOHR: You`re from Toronto.

SKLAR: I am. I`m also a lawyer.

LEVY: You`re a lawyer?

SKLAR: I am a lawyer. Sorry.

LEVY: I wish we lived in a world where it didn`t matter that she were gay or not -

BEHAR: Right.

LEVY: And that you know, that it didn`t matter so much that it couldn`t be part of the discussion were she.

BEHAR: Yes, right.

LEVY: Apparently I`ve been reading about this on the internet, we already have a gay Supreme Court justice, or we don`t.

BEHAR: Who is that?

LEVY: You just have to go on the internet and figure out which one is the bachelor still.

BEHAR: Remember Suitors was a bachelor. But he`s gone.

LEVY: I didn`t say it. I`m saying apparently there has been in our lifetime.

SKLAR: If there may have been and we can`t tell from the jurisprudence.

LEVY: Exactly, that`s my point.

SKLAR: Then I think that case in point, it does not matter.

BEHAR: Well it is one thing I think, the Right wing wouldn`t care if it was a conservative he was putting there who happened to be gay.

MOHR: A lot of conservatives are turning out to be gay anyway.

BEHAR: Yes, I know, right, a lot of them are.

MOHR: If you`re conservative and get pulled over somehow you turn gay.

BEHAR: I know. These same rumors are circulated about Condoleezza Rice, Janet Napolitano and Janet Reno.

SKLAR: Clearly it`s a question if a woman is not married --


MOHR: Back up. I don`t believe a word of that. Janet Reno?

BEHAR: I know it is shocking.

MOHR: As Dennis Miller once said here is a chick that will never have nanny problems.

BEHAR: Who can listen to him he`s gone all the way to --

MOHR: No I mean a long time ago -

SKLAR: I would like to speak seriously about the report. You know?

MOHR: Wait a minute the Canadian wants to talk about -- we don`t wear wigs, sorry.

BEHAR: Go ahead, Rachel.

SKLAR: That`s very true.

MOHR: I like Rachel, by the way. I`m being very aggressive.

SKLAR: That`s very kind of you. But as a woman -- as a woman who is not married and eventually if I don`t get married I`ll remain an unmarried woman --

LEVY: Keep going. It`s getting hot again.

SKLAR: I know, but there is a double standard at work here. Why does it matter?

BEHAR: -- view as a lesbian so forget about it. And finally --

MOHR: Can`t stop thinking about --

BEHAR: Jay, let me run the show, OK?

There`s a gay porn parody of the "JERSEY SHORE," called the "Jersey Score." OK, it`s a gay porn parody, get it? The big difference is in the gay porn version, Snooki is not a name. It`s a technique. OK, now Rachel, was it only a matter of time before the "JERSEY SHORE" was going to get this treatment?

SKLAR: It was only a matter of time. It clearly lends its to that, not that I would know. I think I defer to these gentlemen. I really do.

MOHR: No, no, we want to hear what you say.

SKLAR: Now you want to hear.

LEVY: They couldn`t make the Amish porn version of the jersey shore, because those dresses are so long, you can`t get sun, no good tanning. That would have been a mess.

BEHAR: Why couldn`t they do "THE JERSEY SHORE" kids in porn? Snooki, the situation and all of them. They`re a hair`s breath away from a porn flick.

LEVY: This is getting weird. But I think it`s a great idea. Let`s see if they`ll do it. We`ll get the MTV people on the line.

MOHR: I`m upset about it personally.


MOHR: Because I had two call backs and I didn`t get it.


MOHR: "Jersey Score."

BEHAR: "Jersey Score."

MOHR: Yes, I was going to play the stimulator. I`m from The Jersey Shore, you know, area. And I used to have abs back when I was in shape and before I turned 40 and happy.

BEHAR: happy now, yes, that you`re out of shape.

MOHR: Happy, get the belly. The wife makes muffins. What are you going to do, send them back?

BEHAR: Did you see betty wife on "SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE" speaking of muffins? Wasn`t she funny?

SKLAR: It was amazing.

BEHAR: Isn`t it the greatest that an 88-year-old woman is still on television?

SKLAR: Dominating.

LEVY: Eighty eight and a half.

BEHAR: Eighty eight and a half.

LEVY: Eighty eight and a half.

BEHAR: Thank you guys, very much. Joe will be happy if you check out "Maxim`s" magazine hot 100 on sale in the June issue. And Jay, you`ll be back with me in a bit. But first, "GOOD MORNING AMERICA" Sam Champion will be here next, and then you.


BEHAR: "GOOD MORNING AMERICA`S" weather anchor Sam Champion has been vocal about his battle with skin cancer. This morning he underwent surgery live on camera. Take a look.


SAM CHAMPION, "GOOD MORNING AMERICA": Go ahead and take that thing off. We might as well get rid of it. By the way, we are doing a little surgery. So you might not want to watch if you`re a little bit schemish. I always look at the side of the wall or ceiling. I notice all the -- I count holes in the speakers and ceiling while this is happening.


BEHAR: With me now is the man himself, Sam Champion. Hi, Sam.


BEHAR: Now you`ve had skin cancer four times already.


BEHAR: So why do this one on TV?

CHAMPION: well, for me, it started really just within the last year when I had one on my forehead taken off, right in the middle of my forehead and I was a little petrified by it. To calm myself down in the middle of the surgery I started tweeting. I had been tweeting. They had just given me the twitter account after the Oscars. So, I`m sitting there, talking to folks about what`s going on -


CHAMPION: And we are flooded with, what do I do -- I have a spot. My father, my brother, my sister, my aunt. How do I tell people? So I knew I had one more to do, I thought let`s put it in one place where people can learn how to prevent it, how to treat it, how to look for it.

BEHAR: Right.

CHAMPION: And all in one place. So, the show was great enough to do it as a broadcast -


CHAMPION: And we had Dr. Beser and George and everybody got involved and Robin and to talk about it. If you go online you can see everything we did and have all your resources.

BEHAR: Right and I`m looking at you and see you`re the exact type to get it. Blue eyes, blond hair.

CHAMPION: If there`s a type.

BEHAR: Very fair skin. No, there is a bit of a type.

CHAMPION: There`s a type most at risk.

BEHAR: What`s your heritage, from what country, Ireland or Germany?

CHAMPION: Yes, a lot of Irish - a little Scott--.

BEHAR: Scottish?

CHAMPION: A lot of that.


CHAMPION: But that`s just to be most at risk. Any color, any kind or type of skin can get skin cancer.


CHAMPION: So it`s one of those things that we -- and I think it`s 1.3 million people a year will get it.

BEHAR: That`s right.

CHAMPION: One in five Americans will have it in their life. That`s a big number. And not a lot of people talk about it. So we thought it was time to chat.

BEHAR: One in five Americans will come down with this.


BEHAR: And it is the most common form of cancer in the United States.

CHAMPION: Take them all. And first of all let`s just, I`m not coming out on the side of anybody getting cancer or any cancer is better than another cancer. Cancer is bad. But all the cancers we walk for, raise money for, whatever, put them in a group. Add those people together. More people will have skin cancer than will be affected by all those cancers.


CHAMPION: That was a daunting fact.

BEHAR: Well, so, it`s environmental, that`s why. People are out in the sun, in tanning beds. Did you sit in a tanning bed?

CHAMPION: I did. I was a product of that. I was big into that in my 20s and probably more my 20s than anything else. It was the big must have San Tropez tan. You were attractive if you had it. You were -- it was the look to have. Like now, beautiful is like pale, porcelain skin, much like yourself, Joy. See.

BEHAR: I never went in the sun. I hate the sun.

CHAMPION: In those times a few years ago when people were saying you have to have a tan how did you not succumb to the pressure?

BEHAR: Makeup.

CHAMPION: You went a shade darker?

BEHAR: No, I didn`t care about being tan. It didn`t interest me that much. I don`t like to sit in the -- I don`t like the sand. I don`t like the heat. I don`t like the umbrella. I don`t like any of it. I hate the water. I would say -- I`m like Woody Allen, sit in the apartment in the air conditioning. It`s safer.

CHAMPION: And I was on the beach as much as I could be. I still can be now and so can anyone else. It`s using sunscreens that weren`t available for me 20, 30 years ago.

BEHAR: But you have to use like 30 spf up to 50, right?

CHAMPION: That`s what they say.

BEHAR: It comes off. You have to keep putting it on.

CHAMPION: There are spray ons now that make it easier, clear. You don`t have to worry about it being white and goopy.

BEHAR: And if you`re bald, spray it on the head.

CHAMPION: Hat or spray the head.

BEHAR: Let`s talk about your show since Diane left and George, George Stephanopoulos, is there, is it still fun?

CHAMPION: I think it`s a great show. I leave all the other stuff, you know, how the show is doing what the ratings are, I leave it to the people who think of all that stuff. It is a fun show to do every day. It was fun with Diane. It`s great fun with George and Robin.


CHAMPION: You know them. They`re like --

BEHAR: Oh, yes. The height difference alone is hilarious.

CHAMPION: No. They are --

BEHAR: Just to see them standing there kills me in the morning.

CHAMPION: First of all, that`s not fair. Robin in heels is like three inches taller than me.

BEHAR: She`s tall.

CHAMPION: I`m just saying that, you know, that`s not fair.

BEHAR: I know.

CHAMPION: But, you know, it`s a fun show. And he comes to work every day the smartest guy on the planet. You just really want to -- I want to know more so I can have a conversation with George.

BEHAR: He`s very good. He`s very good.

Now since GMA has done the live birth -- I understand they`ve done a live birth.

CHAMPION: that was -- first of all, I was not a part of that show.

BEHAR: No, but they did do that.

CHAMPION: Did they?

BEHAR: They did your skin cancer, Katie Couric had a colonoscopy, Harry Smith on the other show.


BEHAR: How are you going to top this, head transplant or what? What are you going to do next?

CHAMPION: I don`t think -- maybe they do, but I don`t think people sit in a room and say look, there`s a colonoscopy. Is there a better body part we can show? I don`t think anybody does that. This, for me, came from -- when I got diagnosed I didn`t know what information to get. This puts it all in one place and we could do it easily on the show.

BEHAR: Right and also, let me plug this special about your sister raising a son diagnosed with son diagnosed with autism. It will be on GMA.

CHAMPION: Yes, I`m very, very proud of her.

BEHAR: We look forward to that, very good. thank you very much.

CHAMPION: Lovely Joy.

BEHAR: Be sure to tune into Sam on GMA`s "BE INSPIRED SERIES" next Monday. Back in a minute with Jay Mohr. Thanks Sam.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You work through the rough patches together, Curtis, that`s marriage.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What do you guys know? You split up.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, we did split up. You want to know why? Because I got lazy, Curtis.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, you did. You got lazy. And I got a little bitchy.



BEHAR: He`s gone from "SNL" to Jerry Maguire to Gary Unmarried and now written a book. The only person with more on his plate than Jay Mohr is Shamoo. I`m happy to welcome to my show. So, Jay, your book is about fathering your 7-year-old. It`s a very sweet book, I think.

MOHR: Thank you. You think? Can I put that on the paperback? This is a very sweet book, I think. Joy Behar. With praise like that --

BEHAR: Leave the I think out. It`s a sweet book because I think you really are coming into your own as a father.

MOHR: Thank you.

BEHAR: Tell me about it.

MOHR: I was going to write a book about a -- this was in the book I started to write. I converted to Catholicism. I was writing a book --


MOHR: I like the structure, the whole thing.

BEHAR: From what?

MOHR: Presbyterianism.

BEHAR: You got a free pass in Presbyterianism and went over to Catholicism?

MOHR: That`s what I wanted the structure of the rules and regulations. But at St. Monica`s in Santa Monica. It`s Schwarzenegger and homeless people. It`s very cutting edge, Conan, Farley went there. We`re rocking and rolling. There`s a gays and lesbian mass every Sunday.

BEHAR: Oh that`s nice, so it`s fun.

MOHR: Anyway, I was going to write about, my priest, father Tim -- don`t you make faces at my priest father Tim --

BEHAR: I`m not. I think I have an affair with him.

MOHR: He`s super hot. I was going to write a book called a priest and a comic walk into a bar about converting. There`s a part -- long story short -- there`s a part about me and my wife, Jackie, and my son, Nick, and what he did at mass. My book agent said this is the book I can do right now and she was right. Because it`s written.

BEHAR: It`s written. Very good.

MOHR: But see you go to mass with a kid, and they go -- a Mount Senior goes, and Jesus spoke the law in the temple, and you have a 6-year- old goes, and he goes, Jesus broke the law?

BEHAR: Right.

MOHR: Like way too loud. I`m like, sure, I`ll tell you later. Jesus rebuked evil spirit. He goes, what`s evil spirit, what`s rebuked, rebuke, rebuke mean? Jesus is a bad guy? I go I`ll tell you later, then they handed him an envelope and pencil and realized that`s what my father gave me in church. I got choked up. He`s just as nuts as I was. And then I told him in the car in a language he could really get, Jesus is the Jedi. And he had to use the force to put the guy from the dark side back into the federation. And my son goes, I`m glad I lit a candle. He didn`t want to waste his candle if Jesus is out breaking the law like some hoodlum.

BEHAR: I heard you talk about how your father was not as affectionate as you are with your son, right?

MOHR: Yes but they don`t know like -- did your father hold you and say he loves you?

BEHAR: Never, he totally ignored me which I liked.

MOHR: I`m trying. I had to give it back -- your viewers -- I just lost five twitter followers with that one comment. Jay Mohr 37?

BEHAR: That`s right, you`ll never catch up with Ashton Kutcher anyway.

MOHR: Who wants to? The guy is selling cameras. Doesn`t he do camera commercials?

BEHAR: I don`t know. I have to go. Finish this thought.

MOHR: We have to go?

BEHAR: This is a very short segment.

MOHR: This is a nice book. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry. To quote Joy Behar, this book is very sweet I think.

BEHAR: Thanks for joining me, Jay.

MOHR: Don`t go to the Maxim party. When`s Christy Alley booked.

BEHAR: Don`t go there.

MOHR: I follow her on twitter.

BEHAR: "No Wonder My Parents Drank." I can see why they drank now that I met him. Good night everybody.