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Clash with Reality; Vieira`s View; Another Side Of Spock

Aired August 5, 2010 - 21:00:00   ET


JOY BEHAR, HLN HOST: Michaele Salahi says she doesn`t like to be called a White House party crasher. You know what? I don`t like to be called a fetching sex kitten, but we all have our cross to bear.

ANNOUNCER: Coming up on THE JOY BEHAR SHOW, Joy gives her take on the controversy surrounding so-called party crasher and real housewife Michaele Salahi`s appearance on "The View".

Then Joy`s friend and former "View" co-host Meredith Vieira stops by to chat about everything from Prop 8 to the President to life on "The Today Show".

Plus, you remember him as "Mr. Spock", Renaissance man Leonard Nimoy joins Joy to talk about his new photography exhibit and shaking the Spock image.

That and more starting right now.

BEHAR: Ok. So my other show, "The View", is in the news after so- called White House party crasher Michaele Salahi says Whoopi Goldberg grabbed her during the taping yesterday. This is the best shot of the incident from a different angle. We showed it on "The View" today. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Beauty is all sizes. You`ve been abusing me.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG, HOST, "THE VIEW": Excuse me, could you get back to the White House, please?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If you`d like us to.


BEHAR: Who is she kidding? We were harder on John McCain, and he actually belongs in Washington.

With me now to discuss this is Joe Levy, editor-in-chief of "Maxim" magazine; Craig Bierko, actor; and Lonnie Love, comedienne. Did I say it right, Craig?


BEHAR: Bierko. What kind of name is that? That`s cute.

BIERKO: It`s very famous.

BEHAR: It`s a famous name.

BIERKO: I`m very famous once you get to know me.

BEHAR: Comes from the country of famous.

LONNIE LOVE, COMEDIAN: He`s cute, too.


LOVE: Hi. Black girl down here.

JOE LEVY, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, "MAXIM": Yes. You know, I`m here. I just want to point out to both of you I`m in the room. Ok?

LEVY: Black girl down there in case --

BEHAR: Hold my hand, Joe.

Now, Lonnie, did you see that?

LOVE: Yes.

BEHAR: Whoopi touched her. And then they had big -- all hell broke loose after that. Oh, she pushed me, she touched -- all she did was tap her.

LOVE: Yes, that wasn`t a hit. Whoopi knows how to hit. I know how to hit. This is a hit.


LOVE: I`m sorry.


BEHAR: That`s right.

BIERKO: By the way, did you say other show, because I fell into a depression and I couldn`t hear the end of this. Did you say other show?

BEHAR: I have another show.

BIERKO: Oh, you have two television shows?

BEHAR: Yes, I know. I`m sorry.


BEHAR: I know, it`s piggish, but what can I tell you?

Now, this woman, Salahi -- let`s try to focus on the story -- Salahi --

LEVY: I think you just hit us. I think you tried to refocus us but hit us at the same time. These two, she and her husband, we have a new king and queen of fame whoredom. Spencer and Heidi have been replaced -- it`s these two now, right?


LEVY: I mean this is -- it looks like a manufactured event to drum up some interest, some publicity for the debut of this show because, you know, crashing the White House and putting our President in danger didn`t get our interest up enough.

BEHAR: Uh-huh.

BIERKO: She didn`t crash the White House, she broke into showbiz. And I think the main reason -- and I would have done this -- I`ve done the same thing. It just wasn`t at the actual White House -- had given the opportunity, you would have known how to pronounce my last name.

BEHAR: I did. I thought I did. Did I do it wrong?

BIERKO: Sit up. The other thing is our mothers are watching. We`ve known each other since kindergarten.

The other thing is -- this was a person breaking into the show business. I think the main reason -- my theory on this is that Whoopi is angry because she doesn`t have to pay agents fees. That`s all. She found a way to break into show business and doesn`t have to pay out. I`m pissed off, too.

BEHAR: That`s true. That`s a good point.

But you know you`re not -- she got pissed at me because I referred to them as party crashers. I referred to them as party crashers.

LEVY: And they like to be called what, gate crashers?

BEHAR: No. They claim that they were not party crashers, they were invited. Then why did they take the Fifth at that congressional hearing? Where`s the e-mail? I want to see the e-mail that they were invited.


LOVE: That`s why she came to a whole another subject. That`s why Whoopi came out to get her back on the subject, so you were right for asking that question.

BEHAR: "The New York Times" refers to them as party crashers. Go ahead.

BIERKO: I was just going to say I question the attorney who`s saying -- you are being accused of engineering a major publicity stunt. My defense is let`s mount and engineer major publicity tour so you can defend these spurious allegations. Did I pronounce that correctly?

BEHAR: Yes, you did.

BIERKO: All right.

BEHAR: So I can have another show.

Salahi told "The Today show" her version to the story. Watch.


MICHAELE SALAHI, "REAL HOUSEWIVES": I was in the back and Whoopi came into the room and said, you know, "F this, F that. Did you say I F-ing hit you?" And I`m just sitting in the room waiting for our car.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Did you say, "she hit me?"

SALAHI: No. Actually I said, "Bring me the person, Whoopi." I never said you hit me." I said you grabbed my arm.


BEHAR: All right. F this and F that. Who cares?

LEVY: I don`t F-ing care. I do not F-ing care.


BEHAR: Then let`s watch -- Whoopi gave her side of the story this morning on "The View". So watch that.


GOLDBERG: She thought I hit her. I went up to her, and I told her that she knew I didn`t hit her. And yes, you know how I said it -- choice words. But then her husband got in my face, had his Blackberry out and started taking pictures of me. And needless to say, I really went off then.


BEHAR: Ok. Now, the husband, the Salahi husband, he was taking some kind of picture. What is he going to do with those pictures?


BEHAR: We haven`t seen them yet. What`s his plan, to show Whoopi saying things?

LEVY: I think there`s real shortage of good photos of Whoopi out there. He just wanted to solve the problem.

BIERKO: He`s trying to help.

LOVE: Superimpose her body and do a sex tape or something like that.

BIERKO: You know what? It`s very good for Blackberry, this whole thing, I will say that.

BEHAR: It has.

LOVE: Everybody knows that Whoopi did not hit that girl. I mean, anybody that`s -- anybody that saw "The Color Purple" knows that she just does this. That`s all she has to do. She doesn`t have to touch anybody.

BEHAR: That`s right. Ok. Before going to -- we`re changing the subject -- before going to jail, Lindsay Lohan posed for "Maxim" magazine. In it she said she wants to travel to Malawi. Will she come back with a tan or an orphan?

These are the questions. Was it hard to get the interview?

LEVY: The interview, in fact, was very difficult. The pictures were a little easier. If you ask a question, I will answer it in all seriousness.

BEHAR: This is important.

LEVY: This is important.

BEHAR: This is an important magazine.

LEVY: The pictures were taken actually before her court date about five or six days before she went to court, found out she was going to jail. The interview was done just days before she began to serve her time. So it was a difficult period. The pictures were taken at an easier time for her. You know what? She looks beautiful.

BEHAR: She`s a gorgeous girl. I was saying that before. Beautiful girl.

Craig, she poses seminude a lot. Have you noticed that?

BIERKO: Have I noticed that? Yes, I picked up -- I`ve seen some of this -- there`s nothing left, really, unless she`s -- candid surgical shots.

BEHAR: Maybe her liver.

BIERKO: I`ve seen the pictures, and she`s actually wearing clothing, which is -- now it`s like sexy in another way because she`s covering.

BEHAR: Yes. Now, "Maxim", they wrote in the interview, she`s sexy, funny, fearless and impossible to resist. Why does "Maxim" like her so much? It`s not her fondness of James Joyce, is it?

LEVY: You know, actually, I`ve been to her Dubliners reading. And I just want to say, and also, if you get a chance to spend Bloom Day with any girl, you want to spend it with that girl. Is that enough James Joyce references because I went to college.

BIERKO: What college was that, Joe?


LEVY: I went to -- Yale University and we read Joyce there. We like her for all the reasons we said.

LOVE: How much did you pay for the pictures? That`s what I want to know.

LEVY: How much did I pay for my education?

LOVE: No, her pictures.

LEVY: Oh, no, we don`t pay for the pictures.

LOVE: It was free?

BIERKO: Well, the scholarship.

LEVY: No, no, no, we`re not paying -- we don`t pay her to come and pose for us. We did this -- she`s got a movie that`s opening in September. That`s why we all went into this. We do pay the photographer.

BIERKO: What am I doing wrong?

LOVE: I have no idea.

BIERKO: I`ve --

BEHAR: Is there anything that we don`t know that you want to tell us? A little tidbit? That came out of the interview?

LEVY: The interview is --

LOVE: Was she partying?

LEVY: During the interview? No. Do you mean was she celebrating her 25th hour?

LOVE: Was she sober?

LEVY: Yes. She was.

BEHAR: She was sober.

LEVY: Actually, I have to tell you that our experience was very positive. She was one -- this is one of the few photo shoots we`ve had that ended early because the subject was actually on time.

BEHAR: Oh, that`s charming.

LEVY: It is charming, isn`t it?

BIERKO: You should give credit where credit is due.

LOVE: I think somebody`s making up something, Joy.

LEVY: Don`t make me come over there and hit you. You want a fresh one?

BEHAR: Ok. Speaking of misdemeanors, Rudy Giuliani`s daughter, Caroline, was arrested in New York yesterday for shoplifting about $100 worth of items or as Winona Ryder calls it, a starter kit. The girl is 20 years old. She goes to Harvard.

LEVY: I already don`t like her.

BEHAR: Mayor Giuliani. Is there any excuse for this, Lonnie?

LOVE: It`s the economy. The economy is bad. She has to shoplift.

BEHAR: Did you ever shoplift, Lonnie?

LOVE: No, never.

BEHAR: You two? Ever?

BIERKO: We have an organized shoplifting ring, actually.

LEVY: You know what? There`s nothing left in your green room for one thing.

BEHAR: Good. We don`t need anything.

LEVY: There`s nothing there. I think honestly, if your father is a former U.S. attorney, the law & order mayor of New York and you go out and do some minor shoplifting, I don`t think that`s evidence of daddy issues.


LEVY: No, not at all. Not at all.

BEHAR: She even campaigned for Obama. I think this is possibly a middle finger to dad.

LEVY: She`s on the Facebook page, right?

BIERKO: She was a member of Obama`s Facebook page.

BEHAR: That`s right. The boy had little issues also. What`s his name, the kid? What`s his name?

LEVY: Andrew.

LOVE: Andrew.

BEHAR: Andrew. He sued Duke University for cutting him from the golf team. Maybe he can`t play golf. What type of lawsuit is that?

LEVY: This is the kind of lawsuit that America is founded on. It`s our right to sue somebody for not letting us play golf. I`ve done it. Those country clubs can`t stay restricted.

BIERKO: And it`s $100. It`s a $100 -- I mean, if there was such thing as -- if there I would still be, I would be a Democrat -- if there was still such a thing.

BEHAR: That`s fine.

BIERKO: As a Democrat, I would be one.

BEHAR: If there still was a thing.

BIERKO: Right? But if they, but -- I have to -- I have to say, the Clinton -- I`m upset at the Clintons for, they had a $5 million wedding.

BEHAR: That`s a lot.

BIERKO: That`s -- now, come on. That`s almost a lot of money. Again, that`s almost a lot of money.

BEHAR: All right. I`ve got to go. Thank you, guys. Really. That was fun.

Catch Lonnie Love at Gotham Comedy Club in New York tonight through Sunday. And Craig Bierko is raising money for Loma Linda University Children`s hospital. So donate $10, text KIDS to 27722.

Meredith Vieira, my old pal, joins us -- joins me next. Stick around.



BARBARA WALTERS, CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": Will you drink it all for one last time, will you close the show for us?

MEREDITH VIEIRA, CO-HOST, "TODAY": I will close the show for you. First I`m going to drink.

Have a great day, everyone. Take a little time to enjoy "The View", and thank you for a wonderful nine years. I love you all.


BEHAR: For almost ten years we shared the couch at "The View", and she never once accused me of hitting her. She`s the co-anchor for "Today," a contributor to "Dateline NBC" and the host of ABC`s "Who Wants to be a Millionaire".

So what I`m saying is Meredith Vieira really gets around. You know what I`m saying?


BEHAR: I can`t believe you`re here. It`s like the old days of sitting next for you.

VIEIRA: Did you see the color of my hair in that thing?

BEHAR: Yes, you were quite blonde.

VIEIRA: Oh my God.

BEHAR: I liked it.

VIEIRA: Yes but I always thought it was subtle. It`s not subtle at all, when you see it that -- it`s like whoa.

BEHAR: I thought you looked gorgeous.

VIEIRA: Thank you. That was a while ago, that`s four years ago.

BEHAR: It`s four years ago. And when you left, we lost --

VIEIRA: You lost basically the heart and soul of the show, didn`t you?

BEHAR: That`s true. We did, we lost --

VIEIRA: And the ratings went up with Rosie.

BEHAR: Well, we lost you and Starr left at that time. And then we -- we gained Rosie O`Donnell.

VIEIRA: Rosie and you gained a four-day workweek instead of five - -

BEHAR: I did.

VIEIRA: -- to this day I hate you for that.

BEHAR: That`s true. Remember we`re on tape one day a week?

VIEIRA: Yes, yes.

BEHAR: And we have many, many more days off, weeks off for vacation.

VIEIRA: Than I do.

BEHAR: Than you do.

VIEIRA: I know.

BEHAR: Isn`t it past your bedtime right now?

VIEIRA: You know, don`t be snotty. I`m doing you a favor by being here. I thought this was a game show that`s why I`m here. No I`m kidding.

BEHAR: Where are my suspenders? What time do you go to bed? Tell me.

VIEIRA: You know what, you know this about me, I`m a night person.


VIEIRA: That`s why taking this job doesn`t make sense.

BEHAR: The "Today" show.

VIEIRA: Right, I`m -- I`m really not a morning person. But once the show starts I love it but I go to bed usually between 10:00 and 11:00 and then I get up at 2:30.

BEHAR: That`s not enough sleep.

VIEIRA: No, I know.

BEHAR: What are you trying to do to yourself?

VIEIRA: But if you start drinking at 2:30, it`s fine. You`re just -- you`re back.

BEHAR: And then do you -- at 2:30, do you get up and what do you do then?

VIEIRA: At 2:30 literally I get up and I go into the bathroom and I have to take my Blackberry and I see how many messages I have. And that`s how I know what the show is going to be like.

If I got like 30 plus, I know I`m in trouble. Because a lot of stuff happens overnight -- and you don`t know about it -- so the whole show can change.

And I don`t like to be surprised that when I get into work at 5:0 a.m. I would rather get up early and be prepared. And then I feed the dogs, I feed the cats, I clean up the kitchen.

BEHAR: Do you jog?

VIEIRA: Not in the morning.

BEHAR: No. Because Mika Brzezinski, I think it was -- she told that she jogs at that hour.

VIEIRA: And Al Roker does his workout early in the morning. I can`t do that.

BEHAR: When do you do it? Because I know you`re athletic and a runner.

VIEIRA: I`ll do -- well, I was but I was training for the marathon. I am training for the marathon.


VIEIRA: And you are, too.

BEHAR: Oh please, the talking marathon. That`s the marathon I`m doing.

VIEIRA: And you are so wrong. I`m training for the New York marathon in about two months ago I tore my hamstring right up here.


VIEIRA: Right on the (INAUDIBLE) bones.

BEHAR: So then you can`t be in the marathon.

VIEIRA: I`ve got physical therapy now and I`m trying to build back.

BEHAR: Why? Why do you have to do it?

VIEIRA: Because you know what? I`ve always wanted to do it.


VIEIRA: And hopefully do it with Al. So --

BEHAR: Roker.

VIEIRA: Roker. The Roker man.

BEHAR: Well, I have a guy who stretches and does Pilates things with me. Which is -- I never break a sweat which is what I like. And he -- he said that marathoning is a very bad idea.


BEHAR: Because you`re hurting your legs, you`re hurting your knees, your organs are all jumping around.

VIEIRA: But I guess that`s people who don`t train. If you train, and in theory and I`m not trying to win the thing, you can walk part of it, run, walk. That`s not -- do it.

BEHAR: No, no. Don`t even go there with me. I have no interest in any type of athletic behavior.

Do you -- do you miss the drama of "The View"? I mean, this week we had so much drama, and we had Obama on last -- President Obama last week.

VIEIRA: Right. That caused a little controversy, right, when he said that -- well, when people said he shouldn`t have been on the show?

BEHAR: Yes, well Ed Rendell, a Democratic governor --

VIEIRA: Sure yes of Pennsylvania.

BEHAR: -- he compared "The View" to "Jerry Springer". What a jerk. You don`t have to say anything.

VIEIRA: No, I won`t say anything. That`s such an insult to Jerry Springer, don`t you think? No, I`m kidding. That`s a little out there.

BEHAR: It`s out there.

VIEIRA: I don`t know.

BEHAR: And other people said it was too fluffy a show for the President to be on. Please.

VIEIRA: What do you think?

BEHAR: I think that it`s a great place to be. Because --

VIEIRA: And the audience that he`s --

BEHAR: The audience. He wants to talk to American -- American women who are going to vote for him. Why shouldn`t he?

VIEIRA: Is it true that Michelle Obama was the one who said you should go on "The View"?

BEHAR: That`s what he said.

VIEIRA: Oh, he did? Ok.

BEHAR: He said something like -- she told, he came on "The View" because it`s the one show he knows that she watches. He didn`t say she watches the "Today" show -- just saying.

VIEIRA: Oh no, no. He`s already been on the "Today" show.

BEHAR: He has?

VIEIRA: Yes, he has.

BEHAR: When was he on, did you interview him?

VIEIRA: I have interviewed him. But the last one to interview him was Matt. But not live on the show. You`re right. No, he hadn`t since he`s been President, not live on our show.

BEHAR: Oh so then how come they say that this is the first time a visiting -- a sitting president visited a daytime talk show? Are you not considered a talk show?


BEHAR: You`re considered a news show.

VIEIRA: Right. But also, he didn`t visit us. The interview wasn`t done at the "Today" show.

But yours was literally done at "The View". I saw you --

BEHAR: He literally came and he sat next to me.

VIEIRA: I saw you sat as close to him as you could.

BEHAR: I love him. I find him just fabulous.

But what did you think when left the show? Did you think that we kept the thing going? While you were gone, because I missed you. You know I started crying.

VIEIRA: I know.

BEHAR: I always tell the story that I started crying, one day in makeup, and Rebecca my make up girl said, oh this is what makes you cry.

VIEIRA: Well, we were sort of, as you know like --

BEHAR: Quite close.

VIEIRA: Quite close, yes.

BEHAR: I know. We were reported to, you know, to various institutions.

VIEIRA: You know, Joy, to be really honest to you, I didn`t want to in the beginning because it was hard for me.


VIEIRA: It was nine years and nine great years.

BEHAR: We had so much fun.

VIEIRA: We had so much fun.

BEHAR: We had fun behind the scenes.

VIEIRA: Oh that was the best.

BEHAR: You`d come in my office and we`d gossip and talk about everything.

VIEIRA: There was a whole troop of people coming in your office, close the door, close the door. The stuff we talked about was great. Nothing, nothing.

BEHAR: I say nothing, nothing, nothing.

VIEIRA: No but you know, I thought Rosie was a great choice. You know, and I saw it occasionally. And then because of what I was doing, it`s a hard hour for me to watch. But -- no, the only thing that, as I said, that kind of bugged me was like the rating went off. That kind of bugs me.

BEHAR: Yes they did. For a while --

VIEIRA: Well, why not.

BEHAR: But you know, we always got a bump in the ratings on that show when we change the cast.


BEHAR: Which is why I have to always be worried that I could be the next one to be jettisoned out.

VIEIRA: And you know that will never happen.

BEHAR: No. They`d be foolish to do that.

VIEIRA: Especially with the pictures you`ve got.

BEHAR: Oh, yes. You mean the nude photos of Barbara Walters? Oh, yes.

VIEIRA: Exactly.

BEHAR: Ok, that`s just -- ok everybody, stay right where you were. That was just foreplay.

The main event when we come back.


BEHAR: I`m back with one of my favorite people, the very busy Meredith Vieira. You know, Lady Gaga was recently on "The Today Show". Can I call it "The Today Show" or have they changed --

VIEIRA: I think they call it "Today". I don`t think it`s called "The Today Show". How can I not know this? It`s called "Today".

BEHAR: So recently on "Today", there was a concert series. You`ve even taken some fashion cues from Lady Gaga. We have a picture of this. Let`s see.

There is a picture of lady gaga, and there`s you. It`s like a cigarette thing.

VIEIRA: See, the thing is, I didn`t know when I put those, some guy in the audience asked me to put those on to take the picture. I had no idea that had anything to do with Lady Gaga.

BEHAR: She`s very creative, isn`t she?

VIEIRA: She`s very creative. She actually was fantastic on the show. When she was doing her, I think her, second song, suddenly it started pouring rain. And she just loved it. She went with it and she talked about it at her concert that night.

BEHAR: Really?


BEHAR: You were all out there in the rain like that?

VIEIRA: We were all out there in the rain swaying.

BEHAR: That`s why I could never do that job. My hair? I can`t even talk about it.

She recently said -- listen to this -- she isn`t having sex for fear her creativity will leak out of her vagina. Has that happened to you?

VIEIRA: She didn`t say that.

BEHAR: Yes, she did. That her creativity leaks out of her vagina. That`s what she said. What can I tell you?

VIEIRA: But you know a lot of people -- aren`t there -- isn`t there anything about athletes, they don`t have sex before the game?

BEHAR: Yes. That`s what they say.


BEHAR: This Katy Perry is another character, she`s doing a concert series on "Today".

VIEIRA: Yes, she`s part of our concert series. And (INAUDIBLE) is part of the concert series.

BEHAR: She`s part of it. And she has criticized Lady Gaga and her boyfriend, Russell Brand, who`s been on the show, "The View" many times. He`s a character.

VIEIRA: He`s also been on "Today". I was in a movie with Russell Brand.

BEHAR: Were you? What movie was that?

VIEIRA: What`s it called?

BEHAR: And you played yourself, right?

VIEIRA: Yes, I did.

BEHAR: Oh, I know --

VIEIRA: "Get into the Groove".

BEHAR: Yes, yes, yes. That`s right.

VIEIRA: Yes, yes, yes, yes.

BEHAR: But she said that she objects to Lady Gaga mixing sex and religion. Now, didn`t -- didn`t Madonna do this already? Like isn`t this like old hat already?

VIEIRA: She did, but I think Katy Perry is equal right now. Her contemporary is Lady Gaga. That`s why she wouldn`t -- oh, you`re saying it`s kind of old news --

BEHAR: It`s old news.

VIEIRA: If you`re opposed to it, you`re opposed to it. I think for whatever reason I think she`s kind of a religious girl and she didn`t like it. It`s crossing the line. But she`s marrying him, and I guess, I think he crosses the line, sometimes too.

BEHAR: Now, another story that broke today, that Mayor Giuliani`s daughter.

VIEIRA: I heard that.

BEHAR: Caroline was caught shoplifting at Sephora, just some cosmetics. Come on, we`ve all lifted a few lipsticks.

VIEIRA: When is the last time you lifted a lipstick?

BEHAR: Well, I haven`t in years because I don`t need to anymore, but when I was a kid. When I was a kid, I went into the Five and Ten and --

VIEIRA: How old were you when you did that?

BEHAR: I was like in junior high.


BEHAR: Did you, too?

VIEIRA: I did it -- you know when I did it? I`ll tell you the truth. Right after ninth grade I went to France on one of these study programs. When I was in Paris, the people were not particularly nice.

BEHAR: Really. French people, not being nice, what a shock.


VIEIRA: But I`ve since gone back in there lovely. I remember being so angry and I went into one of these department stores and I took some stuff and I put it in my purse, like costume jewelry and stuff like that.

I got back from France to the states. My mother goes through my bag and she says, what is this? And I told her. She made me -- she found out what store, she made me contact the store, admit that I did it, mail all the stuff -- I never did anything like that again -- ever, ever.

BEHAR: Wow. Was it really nice stuff?

VIEIRA: No, it was junk. Sort of nice, but it wasn`t expensive stuff. I`m not sure -- probably because he`s sort of the law and order guy, Mayor Giuliani, that they`re making more of it than they would otherwise.

BEHAR: Exactly. But I mean all kids do it.

We`ll be back in a minute with more from Meredith Vieira.


ANNOUNCER: Coming up a little later on THE JOY BEHAR SHOW, Leonard Nimoy drops by to talk about "STAR TREK," his new photography exhibit, and why after 60 years of show business, he`s finally ready to retire. Now back to Joy.

JOY BEHAR, HLN HOST: Well between the "TODAY" show, "DATELINE NBC" --


BEHAR: Between "TODAY," "DATELINE NBC," and "WHO WANTS TO BE A FREAKIN` MILLIONAIRE," she`s on TV more than the sham-wow guy. Miss Meredith Vieira is here with me. Listen, let`s talk about the Salahis, that was a big thing this week.

VIEIRA: It was on here - both on -- what happened there, I didn`t understand what happened when Whoopi came out.

BEHAR: Whoopi likes to come out during other segments. When she is not in the segment.

VIEIRA: Right.

BEHAR: Like if we had food segments, we do a food segment, she comes out. So she came out because they were starting to have a fight, the housewives. You know, who cares about housewives in Washington also? Can I just say? Jersey is one thing.

VIEIRA: Well, people love those shows, though, the desperate housewives, whatever they are called? The housewives - what is with the names of the shows?


VIEIRA: Real Housewives - oh but they do very well, those shows.

BEHAR: I know they do. But this group is kind of like, you know I never enjoyed performing in Washington. The audiences stuck. I`ll tell you the truth.


BEHAR: I don`t know.

VIEIRA: No sense of humor.

BEHAR: They`re just so uptight in Washington, D.C. so anyway. So these two women on the thing started talking, getting into a fight about something other than the --

VIEIRA: Gate crashing.

BEHAR: The gate crashing -- gate crashing gate.

VIEIRA: Right.

BEHAR: So Whoopi comes out, taps the Salahi woman -- she just tapped her and said, "get back to the Washington thing." meddling, sticking her two cents in, but certainly not hitting the woman or hurting her.

VIEIRA: Right.

BEHAR: Well, after the thing, all hell breaks loose. And she starts crying, Salahi. Please.

VIEIRA: Did she feel that you guys were beating up on her? Was that part of it?

BEHAR: I guess. I guess.

VIEIRA: Right.

BEHAR: I mean, I saw her on "TODAY" this morning. And Hoda --


BEHAR: -- said to her, called her a party crasher also. And she didn`t seem to object to it. But when we said it, she had a fit. I don`t know what`s going on there.

VIEIRA: Were the cameras there for the show? Was it part of just the drama for the show?

BEHAR: The cameras were rolling during the show.

VIEIRA: No, I meant their cameras. Were they shooting as well?


VIEIRA: Oh, they were not.

BEHAR: No, no, no, but listen, their show is premiering tonight, and that was a nice publicity stunt for them. Don`t you think?

VIEIRA: Yes, but it was also great publicity for THE VIEW.

BEHAR: It was. That`s true. So you know how it works.


BEHAR: Well you know, one hand washes the other and both hands wash the face.

VIEIRA: Exactly. Is that an Italian thing?

BEHAR: My mother used to say that, yes.

VIEIRA: And that means what?

BEHAR: That means that -- I don`t know. You figure it out. Now, I`d like to show some of the awkward moments --

VIEIRA: Oh, good.

BEHAR: That you`ve had on "TODAY." So let`s look at them.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: which ones did you see?

13 YEAR OLD ACCUSED ACCOMPLICE IN TEXT: The one where she calls him a rapist, and she calls him a (EXPLICATIVE DELETED). I mean, he calls her a (EXPLICATIVE DELETED).

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We just have to be careful with our language -

13 YEAR OLD: Oh sorry.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But that`s all right, sweetheart.


VIEIRA: I thought I handled that very well. I was shocked.

BEHAR: I can`t believe you don`t have a five-second delay.

VIEIRA: No, no.

BEHAR: Then it happened again with Jane Fonda.

VIEIRA: What happen - that was the first one, yes.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It wasn`t that I wasn`t a big fan. I live in Georgia. Do a monologue of (EXPLICATIVE DELETED) --


VIEIRA: I think I bring it out of people.

BEHAR: Yes, that`s right, that`s what I was going to say. Why is it that people feel so comfortable saying that word around you?

VIEIRA: I don`t know. They`re not calling me it at least. It just comes out. But for that kid, what struck me afterwards was how matter of fact she was. And that sort of spoke to the whole problem with these kids. They feel very comfortable had they texting each other using language they`d never use so it becomes common.

BEHAR: Right.

VIEIRA: Like saying this that and whatever.

BEHAR: But the "c" word, which is what she used.

VIEIRA: Yes, yes.

BEHAR: Mel Gibson uses it, like, extremely often in his tirades. And somebody was here said to me they thought that people are going to use it much more freely now because of those crazy tapes of his because people just want to use it now. Do you think that`s true?

VIEIRA: I don`t know. Certainly with that kid, if it was part of her vernacular, which I thought was interesting. I think people are so put off by Mel Gibson, I don`t know that that`s true. I don`t want to use it more. Do you?


VIEIRA: You do. All right, you big --

BEHAR: I can`t stop saying it now. I call the boys, though.

VIEIRA: Of course. Of course.

BEHAR: Now when do you have time exactly to do what you`re doing? I mean people ask me that question all the time. And my schedule --

VIEIRA: Your schedule is as crazy as mine.

BEHAR: No, not really. You get up in the middle of the night. And you have to do the "MILLIONAIRE" show. Or is it called - "MILLIONAIRE."

VIEIRA: Well, the short version is "MILLIONAIRE," not "the MILLIONAIRE SHOW."

BEHAR: So in your career, they have problems with articles, like it can`t be "THE TODAY SHOW" or "THE MILLIONAIRE."

VIEIRA: Because that`s not the name of it. But anyway, "MILLIONAIRE," we shot that between September and November. Actually, August, we start in August.

BEHAR: So you get up at 2:30 in the morning.

VIEIRA: Right.

BEHAR: And then when do you - do you just go over there right after at 9:00?

VIEIRA: Well no, because sometimes we have an update for the West Coast for "TODAY." So that`s done at 10:00 which would be 7:00 a.m. on the west coast.

BEHAR: OK, all right.

VIEIRA: And then I`ll go over there and get prepped for the show. You know they read me into all of the contestants and I read all the questions and we start taping at noon. And then we`ll tape five shows.


VIEIRA: And then we do that three days a week.


VIEIRA: But, you know, when you`re doing it, like you`re doing this, I`m sure there are days you are dragging, but when you`re doing it, you have fun.

BEHAR: You get up - you wake up. Absolutely, I mean I was drowsy before, but now I`m wide awake. I like how you say they prep me like they give you an episiotomy.

VIEIRA: Why does it always boil down to that word, Joy.

BEHAR: I don`t know, it is you and me.

VIEIRA: Just say the word, you`re dying too.

BEHAR: No, I`m not going to say it.

VIEIRA: Oh man.

BEHAR: Here`s a couple of twitter questions from people.

VIEIRA: Just now they twittered?

BEHAR: Because they knew you were coming on and they twittered questions. Ask Meredith if it`s the lack of sleep or alcohol that makes the "TODAY" team so weird sometimes.

VIEIRA: Well, that`s interesting. What do you mean weird?

BEHAR: I don`t know, I didn`t write that question. That came from a viewer.

VIEIRA: Well, it might be a combination. People are a little tired, and there`s drinking on the show.

BEHAR: Is there drinking on the show?

VIEIRA: Well, there are segments. After 8:00, anything happens. Have you seen Kathie Lee and Hoda?

BEHAR: Yes, those two are alcoholics.

VIEIRA: No they`re not alcoholics.

BEHAR: Kathie`s, like, yes, Hoda. Come on over.

VIEIRA: No. I think we`re just a kooky family. That`s what I like to say.

BEHAR: OK what is Matt Lauer really like?

VIEIRA: He`s a great guy, honestly.

BEHAR: Well, what else can you say? I`m kidding.

VIEIRA: No, it`s true. He`s extremely hardworking, very smart, very funny, a practical joker, dangerous guy.

BEHAR: Oh, yes. What was the worst practical joke he did?

VIEIRA: With me when he was on "ELLEN," they told me I was going to play a practical joke on him. And he got to their producers and tricked me into believing that it was going to be on him. And then he played the joke on me on her show.


VIEIRA: Which was terrible.

BEHAR: Do you enjoy practical jokes? I don`t like them. I find them --

VIEIRA: I do sort of like practical jokes.

BEHAR: Well, you are a tease, you love to get teased. No you don`t love it, but people tease you. You know, I meant to ask you about. You`re a personality that people like to tease.

VIEIRA: In what way?

BEHAR: Because you`re -- I guess because you`re a good sport about it. You don`t turn on somebody.

VIEIRA: As long as it`s good humor.

BEHAR: People tease you. Your husband teases you, right?


BEHAR: Your kids, do they tease you?


BEHAR: And Matt teases you and I tease you.

VIEIRA: Does that mean I`m a loser?

BEHAR: No, there are some people are just good at that, getting that. Does she still go commando when she wears pantyhose?

VIEIRA: Oh, this is -- you wrote that one.

BEHAR: no, I did not. I did not. That reputation was embroiled from THE VIEW.

VIEIRA: I`m in nude now, I`ve elevated myself.

BEHAR: So you have to wear underwear now. Is that what you`re saying?

VIEIRA: I said I`m in news now.

BEHAR: Why are you not on twitter someone wants to know?

VIEIRA: You know what? I just don`t want to put myself out there. It`s funny. I don`t text. I don`t do any of that stuff.

BEHAR: You don`t.


BEHAR: It`s OK, you have enough on your plate.

VIEIRA: Yes. I don`t know. I feel like it would attract some of those questions.

BEHAR: Does Richard twitter?


BEHAR: He does not?


BEHAR: How is Richard?

VIEIRA: Do you twitter?

BEHAR: Yes, I do.

VIEIRA: You do. You probably have to do it for the show.

BEHAR: I do it anyway. I tell people certain things.

VIEIRA: But why do they care?

BEHAR: I don`t know but they care. They care.

VIEIRA: Like what would you twitter right now if you were twittering?

BEHAR: meredith didn`t wear any underwear on the show. No. No. I would tweet that I`m --

VIEIRA: Just what you`re doing.

BEHAR: Yes. Well, no. I would have to have a commentary on it.

VIEIRA: Oh, you would.

BEHAR: Let me ask you, before we go, I want to know about Richard. How is he doing?

VIEIRA: Richard`s doing very well. He`s thinking about writing another book. He works for AARP and for web M.D., writes columns. Very involved with Harvard and their work with M.S. he`s really -- and he`s in a good place.

BEHAR: He`s a great guy.

VIEIRA: He`s a great guy.

BEHAR: I love your husband. He`s a doll. And your children? Everyone`s good?

VIEIRA: Everyone`s great. Ben is 21, believe it or not.

BEHAR: Ben is 21.

VIEIRA: Twenty one to be senior.

BEHAR: Little Rex reed. He used to go on THE VIEW remember?

VIEIRA: Right and do the movie reviews.

BEHAR: And do the movie reviews. He`s a smart kid.

VIEIRA: He`s a smart kid. And then Gabe literally just turned 19 this week and Lily, 17.

BEHAR: She`s an actress.

VIEIRA: Actress, yes, she spent the summer at Northwestern in their Cherub program for acting program. She loves it. Thank god.

BEHAR: Everybody`s good.

VIEIRA: Yes. Everybody`s good.

BEHAR: I love having you here.

VIEIRA: I love you too.

BEHAR: You`re my fave. Thanks for stopping by. Shtopping.

VIEIRA: Shtopping. Shtopping. I`ll tweet about that.

BEHAR: Thanks for shtupping byt. Up next the one of a kind Leonard Nimoy. Also doesn`t wear underwear. Just saying. VIEIRA: I`m warning you to put that out there.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Why don`t you tell me I`m an attractive young lady or ask me if I`ve ever been in love. Tell me how your planet vulcan looks on a lazy evening when the moon is full.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The vulcan has no moon, miss.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`m not surprised, mr. Spock.


BEHAR: Well, that was Leonard Nimoy in the classic TV series "STAR TREK." not a day goes by you know when someone doesn`t say to me, Joy, what do vulcans do had they can no longer vulcanize? They become a world-class photographer, that`s what they do. Leonard Nimoy`s new exhibit, secret cells, opens this weekend at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. Leonard, it`s so nice to have you here.


BEHAR: You know before we talk about the photography, which I have your other book. I love your stuff. I want to discuss Dr. Spock a little. First of all, doe he ever have sex with anyone?

NIMOY: Mr. Spock.

BEHAR: Mr. Spock, I`m sorry.

NIMOY: Once every seven years.

BEHAR: Oh is that when he would do it? And who with?

NIMOY: Once every seven years the vulcans come into heat. Don`t - - it`s an incredible event.

BEHAR: I can imagine.

NIMOY: Wow. Yes.

BEHAR: Does smoke come out of his pointy ears?

NIMOY: It`s well worth waiting for, believe me.

BEHAR: But who does he have sex with?

NIMOY: Well, we did an episode where he was -- he had to go home to his home planet to fulfill a marriage betrothment. And it didn`t work out to well. The lady had decided she didn`t want him. But there was a fight between Kirk -- you don`t want to get involved in this, do you?

BEHAR: You know --

NIMOY: So in the second act of the show -- no, no, no. I`m not going to take you there.

BEHAR: OK, don`t. I mean, I watched it a lot. My daughter`s a trekker. They don`t say trekkie, it`s trekker.

NIMOY: Some say trekkie. Some people feel it`s diminutive and they`d rather be called trekker.

BEHAR: Your second autobiography was called "I Am Not Spock."

NIMOY: That`s right.

BEHAR: And your second was called, "I Am Spock."

NIMOY: Right.

BEHAR: OK, which is it?


NIMOY: When I wrote "I Am Not Spock," that was the case.

BEHAR: To say to people, listen, this is not me, it`s a character?

NIMOY: I had an interesting experience when I was -- I was writing a book about my "STAR TREK" experiences. I was in the San Francisco airport. A lady recognized me. And she had her little boy and marched her over in front of me. She said, look who`s standing in front of you. The boy looks at me. There was no recognition. She said, this is Mr. Spock. And he just didn`t get it because I didn`t have the ears, the clothes on in the San Francisco airport. What`s Spock doing in the San Francisco airport?

BEHAR: You aren`t in a leotard.

NIMOY: So I thought that was interesting. What she was saying was, this is the man who plays Mr. Spock. She didn`t say that. She said, this is Mr. Spock. I thought that was interesting. And I wrote a chapter about the differences between myself and Spock.


NIMOY: And that`s why the book was named "I`m Really Not Spock."

BEHAR: Then when you said "I Am Spock," what happened?

NIMOY: I changed my mind.

BEHAR: OK, listen, you`re -- a vulcan can change his mind if he wants.

NIMOY: That`s right.

BEHAR: He`s half human and he`s half vulcan, kind of from a mixed marriage? Is that what happened?

NIMOY: Yes, human mother. Earth, human mother, vulcan father.

BEHAR: I see. All right.

NIMOY: Not many people have that condition.

BEHAR: It`s not incurable.


BEHAR: Let`s talk about your photography exhibit which tackles the subject of secret selves. Here it is. Secret selves. What is the secret self? Tell me about it.

NIMOY: Well, it comes from a story that we get from ancient Greece according to Plato`s symposium. Aristo aristocracy.

BEHAR: For comedies right?

NIMOY: Yes, for comedies, that`s right. It was a philosopher of the period. He had an explanation for what is called human anx. Human anxiety, the sense of not being fulfilled, the sense of a longing of some kind.

BEHAR: Right.

NIMOY: He said -- and this was his funny idea, humans at one time were double people. They had two heads, four arms and four legs, back to back in all combinations. Male-male, male-female, female-female. They became arrogant and powerful. How you can be powerful stuck together like that, I don`t know. But that`s what he shared.


NIMOY: He said the gods got upset about it. And they sent Zeus. He split everybody in two and sent them on their separate paths. Ever since then, he said humans have been searching for the lost part of themselves to reintegrate and make themselves feel whole again. So with that idea in mind, we collected 100 people. We photographed them at my gallery in Northampton. And we asked them to come as their secret or hidden or fantasy selves.

BEHAR: And where did you find these people?

NIMOY: Well the gallery, Mitch put out the word through the newspapers in the area and internet and phone calls of people they knew and rounded up a wonderful collection of people. And I photographed 95 of them.


NIMOY: We reduced that to 25 that are in the catalog and in the show at Mass Mocha. And there`s a 40-minute video that we`ve compiled which is --

BEHAR: Which is part of the book.

NIMOY: It comes with the book.

BEHAR: Uh huh, this woman, Natalie, who is naked under the fur coat, what`s her story?

NIMOY: She came to us very vulnerable. I was very touched by her. She said she had been celibate for ten years. And her secret was that she wanted to recapture her feminity. She hadn`t felt feminine in a long time. She had lost the femnine part of herself.

BEHAR: Right.

NIMOY: And she thought that it would be helpful to her to be able to be nude in front of a man. And she took off the coat. And we photographed her.

BEHAR: You photographed her with and without the coat?

NIMOY: That`s right.

BEHAR: Uh-huh. Well you have another book, "The Full Body Project."

NIMOY: Right.

BEHAR: Which has a lot of morbidly obese women posing naked.

NIMOY: True.

BEHAR: And did you get any criticism about being a chubby chaser, Leonard?

NIMOY: It`s interesting. Why are you laughing?

BEHAR: I`m just teasing. I`m teasing you.

NIMOY: OK, OK. In that case, I`ll let it slide.

BEHAR: No. I have that book, too. I can`t stop looking at those pictures. These women -- I don`t know, we have some of them to show.


BEHAR: We couldn`t show the total nakedness of them. We had to show the really --

NIMOY: I understand.

BEHAR: You know. I have that book at home. And I love to look at it.


BEHAR: And these are not, you know, skinny bitches, these are chingy women. We`re talking cellulite, heavy.

NIMOY: Right.

BEHAR: Now, what drew you to that project?

NIMOY: A lady came to me after I showed some of my other work at a seminar session in California. She said, I`m a model but I`m a different type than what you`ve been working with.


NIMOY: I did an earlier book with the models were more classic in body shape.

BEHAR: Right.

NIMOY: I`m a model, different type than what you have worked with. Would you be interested in photographing me and - we did. My wife and I had a session, a photographing session with her. She was a very large lady.


NIMOY: When I showed pictures of her, along with the other - people who were really intrigued. Who is she? Why - how did she come to be photographed? Did she want to be photographed?


NIMOY: All these questions because she`s a very unusual look.


NIMOY: You don`t see that.


NIMOY: It`s a kind of a hidden aspect of our culture. And I`ve discovered that the women who model the clothes that are being sold for women. The models who model clothes weigh 25 percent less on average than the average American woman.

BEHAR: That`s true.

NIMOY: Yes so the industry has sold this idea of what is suppose to be beautiful and has told women -

BEHAR: I know.

NIMOY: If you buy these clothes, if you buy these diet pills, if you take this execercise program -


NIMOY: Whatever, or surgery, whatever, will try to get you closer to what you should look like.

BEHAR: Right.

NIMOY: You know, it`s --

BEHAR: And so it`s not really true. The average woman weighs 164.5 pounds. We`ll have more with Leonard Nimoy in just a minute.

NIMOY: You know all about this.

BEHAR: I read about that.


BEHAR: I`m back with Renaissance man Leonard Nimoy. You are. You do a lot of different things.

NIMOY: I try, yes. I try to be creative.

BEHAR: I was reading that when you were 17, you were tired of all the pretty girls passing over you and the jocks getting all the good girls. Is that true? And you vowed to take revenge?

NIMOY: You`re asking me to remember when I was 17. I`m trying to remember yesterday`s lunch, Joy.

BEHAR: Don`t we say that as you get older, you can remember when you were 17 and not yesterday?

NIMOY: You do think back nostalgically, yes. I was bothered by the fact that the jocks got the girls, yes, sure.

BEHAR: But did you vow to take revenge on them?

NIMOY: Absolutely.

BEHAR: By becoming a famous actor.

NIMOY: And they`re sorry now, I`ll tell you.

BEHAR: I`ll tell you, you know, people write in on facebook and twitter and those various -

NIMOY: Yes, yes.

BEHAR: And I have a couple of questions from people out there.


BEHAR: OK? These are not mine. OK.


BEHAR: Have you ever played Spock in the bedroom?

NIMOY: What`s the next question?

BEHAR: Could be fun, huh? Is it true that you and William Shatner did not get along when you were on "STAR TREK"?

NIMOY: We still don`t get along.


NIMOY: How can you get along with that guy?

BEHAR: Who does he get along with?

NIMOY: Exactly. You have to chase him to get along with him. I keep telling him, do something with your life for a change, you know.


NIMOY: And a lot of other things, too. He`s great. We`re very good friends.

BEHAR: You`re friends.

NIMOY: Yes, we are very good friends.

BEHAR: What`s this I hear about you retiring?

NIMOY: Well, I have stopped acting and directing.

BEHAR: Now you`re doing photography. You like this much -- it`s more --

NIMOY: Well, it doesn`t take me away from home necessarily. I don`t have to be in motels and hotels for weeks and months at a time.

BEHAR: Yes, yes, yes.

NIMOY: I can be with my family, with my wife and my kids that I love. I can do my work when and where I want to. So --

BEHAR: And it`s wonderfully creative.

NIMOY: Thank you. Thank you.

BEHAR: It`s wonderfully creative.

NIMOY: Thank you.

BEHAR: OK, how did you come up with the vulcan salute? Is that this thing?

NIMOY: Yes. That`s that. YeS.


NIMOY: It`s a long story. The short of it is, it`s a gesture that`s used by the men who are members of the Hebrew tribe who the Cojans who blessed the congregation --

BEHAR: Do they live in the Bronx?


BEHAR: I`m sorry. Go ahead, I`m sorry.

NIMOY: You asked me a serious question.

BEHAR: I know. I`m just a whack job.

NIMOY: I never would have known.

BEHAR: Is President Obama really a trekkie?

NIMOY: Yes, yes. As a matter of fact, the first time we faced each other, he did that.

BEHAR: Did he really?

NIMOY: Yes. He gave me that. It`s a gesture that comes from Jewish mysticism.

BEHAR: Like the kabala?

NIMOY: Yes. Yes.

BEHAR: Oh. So Madonna knows how to do this.

NIMOY: Yes. Yes.

BEHAR: OK. Do you have any interest in going up in space, someone would like to know.


NIMOY: Not particularly, no. No.

BEHAR: Do you think -- do you think the moon landing was a hoax?

NIMOY: No, no, no.


NIMOY: I have a lot of respect for the people who do that. No joke. They`re very serious and very important -- doing very important work. It was not a hoax at all.

BEHAR: Of course not. That`s another conspiracy crazy theory.

NIMOY: Exactly.

BEHAR: Well anyway, Leonard, thanks so much for dropping by. And I so like talking to you.

NIMOY: Great pleasure to see you. Thank you.

BEHAR: Check out Leonard`s "Secret Selves" exhibition now through the end of the year at the Massachusetts museum of Contemporary Art. Bring it to New York next. Good night, everybody. You know what? Live long and prosper.

NIMOY: Well done.

BEHAR: That`s what I have to say to you all.