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Rutgers Freshman Commits Suicide Over Privacy Intrusion; Conservative Activist Attempts to Set Up CNN Reporter

Aired September 29, 2010 - 20:00   ET


RICK SANCHEZ, HOST: This is our last night bringing you PRIMETIME and we are getting one heck of a show that we put together for you. Brooke's going to be walking in, in just a moment.

Here's an unbelievable story that's coming out of Rutgers University. This is even hard to tell. A student has taken his own life because one of his roommates decided that he would videotape him while he was doing something very intimate. This is sad. Brooke and I are going to take you through the details in just a little bit. Here's the open.


SANCHEZ (voice-over): Here's what's making the news on this day. The same right wing videographer who entrapped and embarrassed innocent people in the past tries it again, this time on a CNN correspondent.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Instead you want me to come on some boat with you.

SANCHEZ: The setup, the ruse, does not work. How could he try something so stupid? And what was Fox News' role?

After much coaxing, one of Eddie Long's alleged victims exposes shocking details.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: -- one question and it opened a floodgate from him.

SANCHEZ: A raw emotional account and Long fires back.

He was with 14 women and had 23 children, and now not a dollar of child support for them. Is he the deadbeat dad of all deadbeat dads?

The lists you need to know about. Who's today's most intriguing? Who's landed on the list you don't want to be on? Who's making news on Twitter? It's why I keep a list pioneering tomorrow's cutting-edge news right now.


SANCHEZ: And hello again, everybody. I'm Rick Sanchez. So glad you're here. Tonight, there really is a disturbing story that's coming out of New Jersey. A student at Rutgers has killed himself after being secretly videotaped doing something that he knew would embarrass him with his family and with his parents.

Let me tell you who he is. He's 18-year-old Tyler Clementi. Video of him being intimate with another guy was released on the internet. Of him actually in the act, physical act, with another guy. It had such an impact on him that he committed suicide.

And now his roommate and another student are being charged, they're being charged with invading his privacy. This is a huge story. It's trending tonight on the internet.

Everyone's talking about it because it was, you know, a story that originated on the internet. That's why Brooke Baldwin is joining us right here at the very top of this newscast.

It sounds to me just from the conversations that you and I've had like his roommate duped him, essentially -- not just his roommate, but his roommate and another girl that was with his roommate. They betrayed him.

BROOKE BALDWIN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Absolutely, -- they duped him. Let me back up. Let me talk about -- it was his roommate. This is Dharun Ravi and a young woman, Molly Wei. They took this teeny tiny camera, you know, a webcam. This is just last week.

They snuck into this young man's dorm room. This is Tyler Clementi's dorm room. They hid this camera. They videotaped him not just once. I've seen the documents from the D.A.'s office, but twice as he was making out with someone.

What they then did is they streamed it live for everybody on the internet to see and to watch. Not only did they do that, but Ravi tweeted about it. What we found -- let me just back up.

This is a screen grab of his Twitter account. He's since yanked it for a reason, you're about to see. We have a screen grab. I think it was from September 19th. Here we go.

Roommate asked for the room until midnight, roommate being Clementi. I went into Molly's room and turned on my webcam. I saw him making out with a dude. Yes.

Now, Ravi and Wei have both been charged with multiple counts of invasion of privacy, but obviously that's just part of the story.

SANCHEZ: I understand that he told the roommate and this is where the dupe part comes in, look, go ahead, I'll give you your privacy, I'm going to leave, you can do whatever -- which, you know, roommates in college do this all the time. It was a pretense.

BALDWIN: Of course, at some point, the roommate leaves and he's there and according to the tweet, and this we cannot confirm, he's in there with another guy, but the story moves on, because what happened was they had videotaped him and streamed it live two different days last week.

The next day -- so last Wednesday if you're following me on the time line here, Tyler Clementi killed himself. According to his family's spokesperson, he jumped off a George Washington Bridge into the Hudson River.

We do know he left his car on the bridge. He left his cell phone. He left his wallet. No letter, but from reports we have seen, he did leave an update. He basically updated his Facebook status.

So we have a screen grab of his Facebook status that says, and I know it's teeny tiny there, but Tyler Clementi jumping off the GW Bridge, sorry. That was his Facebook status.

SANCHEZ: GW by the way connecting New Jersey and New York.

BALDWIN: You got it, over the Hudson River. Now, CNN reaching out to his parents, look I wouldn't want to talk to the media either. They're not speaking at this point in time. A spokesperson is saying this. Here's a snippet of the statement.

They say this, quote, "Tyler was a fine young man, a distinguished musician. The family is heartbroken beyond words. They respectfully request that they be given the time to grieve their great loss and that their privacy at this painful time be respected by all.

We've been reaching out to Rutgers. Really, all day, they had said no comment, no comment. I just am hearing we have this statement from Rutgers. Let me read it to you.

"The university takes these matters seriously and has policies to deal with student behavior," end quote. Short, sweet. I also have a report from NYPD. We know they did find a body in the river today. I read it further. It said it was a male body, but it's yet to be identified.

SANCHEZ: You know, I guess it's not a major crime to surreptitiously record someone.

BALDWIN: It's invasion of privacy.

SANCHEZ: But it is invasion of - is that what they're being charged -


SANCHEZ: Invasion of privacy, just two counts?

BALDWIN: He faces multiple counts of invasion of privacy because it was more than one time. She faces one. They're both out.

SANCHEZ: But you know what the lesson here is? Just because there's a technology out there that's available, it doesn't mean you should use it and you really should think about other people before you do something like this.

BALDWIN: Completely, absolutely.

SANCHEZ: I mean, we live in an era where I could record you. You could record me. We could invade everybody's privacy - invaded on a regular basis, but to actually do that, record him and then stream it on video --

BALDWIN: In private moments especially, these intimate moments. You just don't do that.

SANCHEZ: It's a hell of a thing. Thanks for the report. Appreciate it. All right, folks, take a look at this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And I said, yes, yes, I said, what's going on, you're making me really nervous, and she said, I'm a moral person and I've got to tell you something.

I said, OK, just tell me. At that point, we're in the car together and she's asking me if I'm recording her and she's telling me she's not recording me. I'm getting a really uneasy feeling. She says, listen, you're about to be punked.


SANCHEZ: Yes, and punked would be almost a euphemism for what happened to her. Coming up, my conversation with Abbie Boudreau because a conservative activist has tried to dupe her, this CNN reporter, into an embarrassing sexcapade.

It's the same guy who tarnished Acorn and tried to break into the office of a U.S. senator to eventually hopefully have his video played on Fox as it has in the past.

Also, guess who's winning in Florida. How about that race between Fiorina and Boxer in California? Bottom line is this, will the Republicans take the midterms or the Dems are going to take the midterms.

You may be surprised by what's going on in some of the states and as we go to the break, I want you to take a look to the I's of one of our I-Reporters as Tropical Storm Nicole blows right through Kingston, Jamaica.

Stay right there. This is the final edition of RICK'S LIST PRIMETIME.


SANCHEZ: Hey, I know you guys are tweeting us with a lot of questions about this being our last show in prime time. We'll put it all together for you at the very end with a special message and thanks for you.

Now this, who's going to win the midterms, the Dems or the GOP? Here are the latest polls in tonight's political list beginning with number five.

Take a look at Lisa Murkowski. Lisa Murkowski, written off for dead, she now has a chance to keep her seat in the Senate. She is baying at the heels of Tea Party favorite John Miller who barely edged Murkowski in Alaska's Republican primary. That two-point difference is within our poll's the margin of error. Folks, this is bizarre.

You see Democrat Scott McAdams pulling up the rear there, right. Now, here's the kicker in the story, Murkowski's running as a write- in. That's a huge extra step for voters when they get to the voting booth. It's not necessarily simple either.

It probably doesn't help that Murkowski begins with an "M", but so does McAdams and so does Miller, they all begin with M's, confusing the voters there perhaps even more.

Here is number four. Take a look at this. This is the race in Florida. It is a mere -- a mirror image of Alaska, another three-way race for Senate. Tea Party Republican running mate running first, mainstream Republican forced to run as an independent running second and the Democrat lagging in third.

So it's Rubio, Crist, and then Meek. The last time we pulled, Rubio and Crist for running virtually neck and neck. Now, Rubio has opened up a nine-point lead.

Here's number three. Let take you back to the Florida governor's race now. There's momentum for Rick Scott after spending millions of millions of his own money. He's only got a two point lead over Democrat Alex Sink, and that's within the margin of error, of course. But Scott was trailing Sink the last time CNN conducted this poll.

Here's number two. Another Senate race, this one's in California. Senator Barbara Boxer is getting some separation from Republican Carly Fiorina, Boxer 52 percent, Fiorina, 43 percent.

I've shown you the devastating ad that Boxer is running that accuses Fiorina of shipping jobs overseas. Most insiders are saying that ad has had a political impact.

So what is the biggest political story that is making news on this night? Somehow it involves Gloria Allred. She calls this news conference in the middle of the day today, right? So we all cover it.

The news conference says she has explosive allegations against Meg Whitman. So are they explosive? Does it change the California race? You're going to see this for yourself. We're all over it. The video is next and the comments.

Also, another one of Eddie Long's accusers are speaking out tonight. One guy who calls the pastor a monster and he details how it is that he says that the pastor, well, coerced him into having sex with him when he was just a little boy.

What's he's saying, we're going to explain it to you. Stay right there. We're going to be right back with RICK'S LIST. (COMMERCIAL BREAK)

SANCHEZ: Welcome back. Get the love beads out. Click on the lava lamp. Here's the number one story on tonight's political list.

Former California Governor Jerry Brown, they used to call him Governor Moon Beam, remember, Jerry Brown has opened up a lead in his bid to return to regain his old job. We polled this race in early September and Brown was down two points.

Well, look at here, Jerry Brown, 52 percent, Meg Whitman, 43 percent that's different. It's a nine-point lead now. Jessica Yellin is in Washington. You're a California girl. Is this looking a little Deja vu for you at this point?

JESSICA YELLIN, CNN NATIONAL POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT: Would you actually wear love beads, Rick, if Jerry Brown wins?

SANCHEZ: I think I'll give it some real consideration as long as I can get one of those beer helmets as well.

YELLIN: We'll work on it. We will work on that for sure. To answer your serious question, yes, it looks like Jerry Brown has zoomed ahead of Whitman despite the fact she has trumped him in spending and the amount of time she's on TV.

Now, that nine-point lead is a strong healthy lead. Keep in mind, there's still plenty of time in this election for things to change.

SANCHEZ: We had something else happen in California today that I want to share with you. Attorney Gloria Allred calls this news conference, right, well, you know, that's not news that she call a news conference, but here's what's happens.

She introduced a nanny, a housekeeper, domestic worker who says she worked for Meg Whitman for something like nine years and all that time she didn't have a green card. The woman is claiming that Whitman fired her about the same time she entered the governor's race. As if there were quid pro quo there. Now, she says that Whitman called her and told her something like this. Let's listen.


NICKY DIAZ SANTILLAN, DOMESTIC WORKER: From now on, you don't know me and I don't know you. You never have seen me and I have never seen you. Do you understand me?


SANCHEZ: Jessica, I imagine, you know, this is one of those stories -- it's coming up just before an election, but I imagine Whitman's side is probably telling a different story, right? What are you hearing on this?

YELLIN: Yes, so Whitman's side -- Whitman says it's all a lie. She says she never abused Nicky Santillan. She considered her a part of the family, and she says she was lied to. Her campaign released documents, which are IRS forms, immigration and employment forms, even a social security card that are signed by someone saying she's Nicky Santillan stating that she's legal.

So it does appear that unless they're completely fabricating all that, which would be a real stretch, that she was lied to and she fired her when the woman came clean. It does go though to her larger position on immigration.

SANCHEZ: One final question, I'm curious, how much of her own money has Whitman spent on this race?

YELLIN: So far, more than $119 million. Rick, that could get you a lot of love beads.

SANCHEZ: How much does the senator's job pay?

YELLIN: How much does -- you know, I can't -- somewhere in the hundred something thousand. I don't think she's going to need the money. I don't think she's in the governor's race for the money.

SANCHEZ: And I said senator. I meant governor, but I know it's not a big difference between the two. I can understand why people at home scratch their heads and wonder, why would you pay $119 million for a job that pays a couple of hundred thousand dollars? It doesn't seem to add up, but there it is.

YELLIN: Some people think it's the ultimate CEO gig.

SANCHEZ: I guess. Thanks so much, Jessica. Appreciate the information. Now, one of Eddie Long's accusers described how the pastor seduced him when he was a boy. He calls him a monster and there's a new video that still coming in on this.

Also, remember the conservative activist who posed as a pimp to go undercover against the Acorn group? Well, he's at it again. This time he's trying to embarrass CNN.

But it didn't work. In fact, it failed miserably. I'm going to take you through this story and the correspondent that he targeted. She joins me. Stay right there. We'll be right back.


SANCHEZ: Welcome back. I'm Rick Sanchez. I'm glad you're here. This is a story a lot of folks in our industry are talking about today. There's only one story in our controversy list tonight.

I think you're going to understand why. The story we think you should know about as much as possible. This involves sexually explicit pictures, condoms, sex toys and hidden cameras.

This is what a conservative activist and self-proclaimed journalist allegedly had planned for one of our CNN correspondents. We're talking about that fella, right there on the right, his name is James O'Keefe. Here's the background. He's the pimp in that picture right there in this hidden video documentary that took down a liberal group, Acorn, by ambushing them and presenting them in an unfair light after his video was shown endless times on Fox News.

OK. O'Keefe's undercover video asserted that Acorn gave him advice about how to set up a brothel and avoid paying taxes. The prosecutors in New York and California carefully examined this video, which was heavily and selectively edited, for the purpose of making them look bad, and he found that the charges were bogus.

But it was too late for Acorn, which essentially collapsed after the videos were released. Wait, there's even more. O'Keefe has a criminal record in Louisiana. Why, you ask.

Well, because he tried to set up a break in at the office of U.S. Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu by posing as telephone worker. O'Keefe ended up pleading guilty with a misdemeanor charge and is now on probation as a result of this.

And now it appears, we come out in this case, he's done it again. CNN's own award-winning investigative journalist Abbie Boudreau was working and a story that involved a possible meeting with O'Keefe who she was using as a source in the story.

She was contacted by him, somewhat out of the blue, for a meeting that he wanted to have with her and then things got very bizarre and to be honest with you, kind of ugly.

It almost looks like when you look at this that Abbie was about to be set up, in the same way that some of those other folks got set up by this character. Here's Abbie to take us through the story. Abbie, thanks for being with us.


SANCHEZ: So you get word that he wants to have a meeting, right?

BOUDREAU: Well, he called me. He said, I want to talk about an upcoming shoot that you guys are hoping to come to. He said, I'm going be at that shoot.

Now, I have concerns about CNN being at that shoot. I said, well, let's talk about your concerns. He said, I'd rather do it face- to-face. So I said fine. I mean, reporter, that's what we do.

SANCHEZ: Sure, you talk to him.

BOUDREAU: Yes, so I said, sure, where do you want to meet? He said, I'd like to meet at my office in Maryland, maybe lunch at my office. I'm thinking, public place. I said sure.


BOUDREAU: So I say I'd like to bring my producer. He's been working on this documentary now for the past six months. That's when he said, I'd rather you come alone.

So, I said, OK, you guys remember, this is not an interview, this is a meeting and I wanted him to feel comfortable. I just -- I just really wanted to let him know that he could trust me. We were doing --

SANCHEZ: This is not uncommon. He wants to make sure he gets you. You want to make sure you get him.

BOUDREAU: Absolutely. I flew to Maryland. I flew to Maryland and he wanted me to meet him and his colleague, Izzy Santa and they work together on a web site called "Project Veritas."

And I show up and Izzy Santa is there waiting for me, but there's no office, it's a house, which wasn't too alarming to me because a lot of young people, they work out of their house, and I wasn't overly concerned with that at all.

But then Izzy came out to my car as I was parking and said, I need to get in your car, I need to talk to you right now.

SANCHEZ: Did you know at this point that the meeting was going to be taking place on a boat?

BOUDREAU: I had no idea. I thought the meeting would take place in an office. Had I known it was a boat, I would not have shown up.

SANCHEZ: So Izzy, his assistant, pulls you aside and says what to you?

BOUDREAU: She said, I need to talk to you, can I get in your car? I said, what's going on? You're making me really nervous. She said, I'm a moral person. I've got to tell you something. She tells me she's not recording me. I tell her I'm not recording her. I just get an uneasy feeling. And she says, listen, you're about to be punked. And I say --

SANCHEZ: What do you mean by punked?

BOUDREAU: OK, what do you mean? And she says, he is -- he, James, is on the boat. I said, boat, what are you talking about? She says, he wants to get you on this boat.

SANCHEZ: And set you up.

BOUDREAU: And he has strawberries and champagne and he's going to hit on you the whole time. At that point, I'm thinking, this is ridiculous, I don't get the punk. I'm not really silly --

SANCHEZ: Punk is a practical joke. This is much more serious than a punk.

BOUDREAU: Well, at that point, I'm just thinking strawberries and champagne. What is going on? I went to the backyard. I wanted to make sure there was in fact a boat because at certain point --

SANCHEZ: I think we've got a picture of it. There it is. Is that it right there, Cinco?

BOUDREAU: Yes, that's the boat.

SANCHEZ: You were supposed to meet with him inside that boat?

BOUDREAU: Right. So I went to the backyard, I saw the boat, I saw him on it. He wasn't getting off of the boat. I thought, OK, I'm going to leave. This isn't going well.

They wanted to record the conversation and have me on this boat. And I just -- there were too many obviously red flags and she said the punked situation -- yes.

SANCHEZ: Let me stop you there. Because you've since found some documents that illicit or show us that it was more than just what you thought at that point.

BOUDREAU: It was a lot more.

SANCHEZ: Much more serious.

BOUDREAU: Than strawberries and champagne.

SANCHEZ: Let's take a quick break right now. When we come back, she's going to take us through -- is going to take us through what she's learned since about these documents. And it's something that's actually alarmed us.


SANCHEZ: All right. Welcome back. Abbie Boudreau is good enough to join us. She's been working on this documentary. And in the process of working on this documentary, she has an interview with a source, a James O'Keefe. In this exchange with him and his people, she finds out that he wants to have a private meeting with her on a boat. And that's where the story is. It gets a little uncomfortable from here because Abbie's joining us and she goes on to tell us now that she's learned about a document that reveals two things. First, what he had planned to do on the boat, and, two, what he was planning to do to us, to CNN as an organization.

Take us through first what you learned. The specifics on the boat.

BOUDREAU: OK, right. Like you said, it was split up in to two sections. The second part is actually all about how he planned -- or the plan to seduce me on this boat. And it had all the details of how the boat was staged to be some pleasure palace. And it had sex toys. It had a blindfold, fuzzy handcuffs, pornographic magazines, naked pictures of women. That was the plan according to the document that we received, a very, very detailed document. In fact, some of it so sexually explicit CNN hasn't revealed the whole document online yet.

SANCHEZ: I mean, I know, look it's probably not comfortable for you talking about this. But it sounds like he was trying to have some kind of ruse where he was going to come on to you -- BOUDREAU: I mean --

SANCHEZ: -- expected that you would play along or something and he would have you on tape or maybe edit it later?

BOUDREAU: There was -- in the document, there was a script of what his lines would have been and what they thought that I might say. And part of the script was I would break down and start crying and ask to just please let me off the boat. And so it was pretty intense to me as a reporter to read that about yourself and to know that there such a detailed plan.

SANCHEZ: By the way, I just reported a moment ago and this just comes to mind now. He's on probation for something similar to this, right?

BOUDREAU: Well, for the Senator Landrieu incident.

SANCHEZ: Right. Well, and I guess we don't know where this is going to go beyond this now that it's being reported.

Let's go to the second part of the document. In the document -- and there we're seeing James O'Keefe. He -- does the document explain why he has planned to do this? What his M.O. was for us here as a network at CNN?

BOUDREAU: OK, and just to be clear, this document at the very beginning of the document, it says written by -- and it's one of James' mentors and one of his fellow activists. Under activist, it lists James' name. Now, James would have been the person who acted out this entire punk. James has said in a statement that he -- he knows about the document, but I'll just go ahead and read his e-mail to us.


BOUDREAU: It says, "That is not my work product. When it was sent to me, I immediately found certain elements highly objectionable and inappropriate and did not consider them for one minute following it." But our reporting will show and we'll reveal all the details in our documentary that appears not to be true.

SANCHEZ: So he was -- at least your reporting seems to indicate that he was in on it.

BOUDREAU: Yes. You asked about the first part --

SANCHEZ: OK. Yes. In on what? What was the M.O.? What did they plan to do with this video they're going to have on you and him inside this boat?

BOUDREAU: Well, that is unclear. But that was all in the second part of the document.

SANCHEZ: Yes. BOUDREAU: The first part of the document that you are asking about is about how to punk CNN into reporting a false story, either about Sarah Palin or about the Tea Party Movement. And what they would then do is give their allies or their friendly, as they called them in the document, which would be FOX News --


BOUDREAU: -- a heads-up, that CNN is about to report a fake story so that they could, quote, "pounce on CNN and undercut CNN's credibility." And that was the first part of the document. It was very detailed about how that plan was supposed to go down.

SANCHEZ: That's a heck of a story.


SANCHEZ: Did you -- are you going through with the story you were originally investigating this documentary?

BOUDREAU: Absolutely

You know what? To tell you the truth, it was never an investigative documentary. It took a very strange turn. It was never meant to be some sort of expose at all.


BOUDREAU: And it's not going to be. It's not. We're staying true to our premise, which is following a group of young conservatives who are excited and passionate about their viewpoints. And that is what --

SANCHEZ: And it was in the process of gathering that information that you came across him.

BOUDREAU: Oh, yes, because he is probably the most prominent person in this movement. But the rest of the documentary is really about this idea of young people with an idea and a video camera and how to use social media to get their message out, in a way to bypass mainstream media.

SANCHEZ: What a story.

BOUDREAU: Because they're disappointed and angry with most of mainstream media.

SANCHEZ: When does this documentary air?

BOUDREAU: Saturday night.

SANCHEZ: This Saturday night.

BOUDREAU: 8:00 p.m.

SANCHEZ: Here on CNN. BOUDREAU: And it re-airs at 11:00.

SANCHEZ: Do you know -- and let me just ask you because I mentioned this a while ago and it's just getting stuck in my head. Do you know if there is any investigation now as a result of this episode? Have you been contacted by authorities? Do you expect you might? Is there anything out there that we need to --

BOUDREAU: I don't know --

SANCHEZ: At this point.

BOUDREAU: I don't think so at this point.


BOUDREAU: I haven't been contacted by anybody.



SANCHEZ: Good story. Good stuff.

BOUDREAU: Thanks, Rick.

SANCHEZ: Look forward to seeing this documentary at 8:00 this weekend.

BOUDREAU: Thank you.

SANCHEZ: All right.

There are only two people that are making the list of people in the news tonight but they're connected, interestingly enough, by one man. Tonight, we're hearing from not one but two young men who say a mega church pastor coerced them into having sex when they were teenagers. It's a hell of a story.

First, Atlanta TV station WAGA tracks down Jamal Parris. This at a Colorado store parking lot. They questioned him. Parris, by the way, didn't want to talk to them. But after a while, they tended to nudge him and ask him questions and finally he turned and said, fine, I'll answer your questions. And he answers the reporter's inquiries. Here it is.


JAMAL PARRIS, ACCUSES GA. PASTOR OF SEXUAL COERCION: That man cannot look me in my eye and tell me we do not live this pain while you can sit in front of the church and tell them that you categorically denied it. You can't say that to our face. And you know this. You are not a man. You are a monster.

(END VIDEO CLIP) SANCHEZ: Parris is one of four young men who have filed a lawsuit against Eddie Long. And remember, Long is an outspoken opponent of homosexuality which brings to the story a certain sense of irony, if not hypocrisy. In separate lawsuits, the men say that Long gave them expensive gifts, took them on trips and then coerced them into sexual relationships when they were still just teenagers. Here's more of what that alleged victims says.


JAMAL PARRIS, ACCUSES GA. PASTOR OF SEXUAL COERCION: I cannot get the sound of his voice out of my head. And I cannot forget the smell of his cologne. And I cannot forget the way that he made me cry many nights when I drove in his cars on the way home, not able to take enough showers to wipe the smell of him off of my body.


SANCHEZ: Pastor Long has not given any interviews. His spokesperson and lawyer say that categorically they are denying the allegations. But Long did talk about the lawsuits in a sermon last night at his church. I want you to listen to some of this where he talks about spiritual warfare.


BISHOP EDDIE LONG, NEW BIRTH MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH: I'm speaking in the spirit. And I'm not speaking about individuals and all of that. This is spiritual warfare. And I pray for mercy for all who are involved and forgiveness and all these things, even me. But I want you to know this. Said to somebody, this is warfare. And I don't care how bad it looks, some good is being birthed. Something amazing is being birthed.


SANCHEZ: Did you notice what he was wearing? Now bring on the lawyers. The lawyer for four men, B.J. Bernstein, says that she is not happy about that Colorado interview. She says that her client was ambushed.


B.J. BERNSTEIN, PLAINTIFF'S ATTORNEY: Jamal was in the grocery store in the middle of the night. He wasn't expecting a reporter to be there. You can see by his face he's kind of shocked. And the reporter -- first he said no. And then the reporter kept asking him questions. And this is very raw for him. And there was just this one question and it opened a floodgate in him. It opened a floodgate of what is happening to him, his feelings, and those are very real.


SANCHEZ: The lawyer for the pastor is also lashing out, saying the accusers and their lawyer are unfairly using the media to tell the story. Here's a statement from Long's attorney: "The appropriate place to try the lawsuits is in the courtroom. There are rules on how civil litigation is to take place and how counsel should conduct themselves. We intend to follow those rules." But lawyer Bernstein is saying, look, she's trying to keep her clients out of the media storm.


B.J. BERNSTEIN, PLAINTIFF'S ATTORNEY: CNN has not chased him. No other network has chased them up until this point in this way. Obviously, there are phone calls made. But I have been clear every single time from day one. Go back and play my press conference. I said these boys are not available for interviews.


SANCHEZ: All right. Back now to that young man in Colorado. His lawsuit says that he left Long's church disillusioned and angry. Here's one more thing that I want you to listen that he said to the reporter.


JAMAL PARRIS, ACCUSES GA. PASTOR OF SEXUAL COERCION: While the media and the press and the rest of the people around the city or around the country look at us like how can a grown man let another man touch him, what you have to understand is this man manipulated us from childhood. This was our father and we loved him.


SANCHEZ: From childhood. A second young man now speaking out. Atlanta's WSB television station went to Charlotte, North Carolina, today to talk to a 22-year-old, Spencer LeGrande, another young man who has also filed a lawsuit against Eddie Long. According to our affiliate WSB, LeGrande says this was the right time to come forward.


SPENCER LEGRANDE, ACCUSES GA. PASTOR OF SEXUAL COERCION: It's a hard time for the world, and, you know, I have no hate for anyone, because that's not -- God doesn't produce hate. And, I just -- you know, I pray for everyone, you know, especially bishop, especially bishop, because he knows the truth.


SANCHEZ: Now there are four young men who've come out and said such a thing.

So, who comes in at number one on our people list tonight? His decision to switch teams in the off season had a few fans seeing red. So what does he have to say about it? Our interview with the man, LeBron James.

And as we go to break, an update on former President Jimmy Carter still in an Ohio hospital tonight. He was admitted yesterday complaining of stomach discomfort. In a statement this evening, the hospital said the likely cause was a viral infection that is now clearing up.

Mr. Carter is in Cleveland to sign copies of his new book. It's called "White House Diary." He's expected to be able to get back out on his book tour very soon.

This is RICK'S LIST. Lots of news. Stay with us. We're going to be right back.


SANCHEZ: When you think of what's going on with one of the best basketball players and athletes in the country, LeBron James, you're kind of left shaking your head. Most people when they take on a new job and a new responsibility, it's a professional decision they make and nobody would think twice about it. If I decided tomorrow I was going to go work on NBC or some other network, some people would say, even people here would say, good for you, Rick. But in sports, there's something funny about a guy leaving one town and going to another town. And suddenly, Cleveland, which is a town he's leaving, and many people all over the country are looking at LeBron James like he's got horns growing out of his head or something. What is that like? Soledad O'Brien wanted to know, so she sat down and asked him about it. Here it is.


LEBRON JAMES, BASKETBALL PLAYER: This process has been everything I thought and more.

SOLEDAD O'BRIEN, CNN SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): It was billed as "The Decision." Close to 10 million people tuned in to watch NBA superstar LeBron James announce the team he'd signed with.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: LeBron, what's your decision.

JAMES: In this fall, man, this is very tough -- in this fall, I'm going to take my talents to South Beach.

O'BRIEN (on camera): Whose idea was that?

JAMES: It was my idea and the people around me's idea.

O'BRIEN (voice-over): The decision was widely panned as a pr disaster, an ego trip of historic proportions. And seemingly overnight, the perception of James turned from golden boy to megalomaniac. New questions were raised about James' closest adviser, 28-year-old Maverick Carter.

MAVERICK CARTER, CEO, LRMR MARKETING AND BRANDING: The execution could have been a little better and I take some of the blame for that.

O'BRIEN (on camera): Is this sort of like where you grew up?

CARTER: This is just like where I grew up.

O'BRIEN (voice-over): James has known Carter since he was a toddler. Both were raised by single mothers in Akron, Ohio. They starred on the same high school basketball team.

(on camera): I've read where he considered you like a big brother.

CARTER: Yes. I would say so.

O'BRIEN (voice-over): James entered the NBA as an 18-year-old. Two years later, he fired his agents and then put Carter, a 22-year- old college dropout, in charge of his $135 million worth of endorsement deals.

(on camera): How old were you?

CARTER: I was 22.

O'BRIEN: And you are the guy in charge of the most important valuable athlete maybe in the world?

CARTER: But I wasn't alone. And if I would have been stupid enough to think for one second that I could do this all by myself all alone, absolutely, I would have been over my head.

Everyone knows the concept, right, of LeBron pitching to the kids, it's really cool --

O'BRIEN (voice-over): Since becoming business partners, James and Carter have charted their own course towards turning LeBron Inc. into a billion dollar global brand, getting advice along the way from business hall of famers like Jay-Z and Warren Buffett.

O'BRIEN (on camera): I don't think there's a lot of football players who call Warren Buffett Uncle Warren.

JAMES: Well, I don't think so either but, you know, like I said before, I'm not writing down, let's say, oh, let's do what other ball players aren't doing. I say let's do what LeBron James want to do what he feels is best.

O'BRIEN (voice-over): According to industry insiders, James and Carter have done just fine, striking multi-million dollar deals with State Farm, Nike and McDonalds. But those deals were overshadowed by this summer's decision and negative headlines which seemed to tarnish LeBron James, the athlete, and the brand.

CARTER: It's just about control and not doing it the way it's always been done or not looking the way that it always looks.

O'BRIEN (on camera): Do you think there's a role that race plays in this.

JAMES: I think so at times. It's always, you know, a race factor.

CARTER: It definitely played a role in some of the stuff coming out of the media, things that were written for sure. O'BRIEN (voice-over): LeBron James and Maverick Carter say what does bother them is that lost amid the controversy is the fact that "The Decision" TV program raised $3 million for Boys & Girls Club of America.

CARTER: We own the advertising time. We went out and sold it to brands and we took every dime and donated it to charity.

FRANK SANCHEZ, V.P., BOYS & GIRLS CLUB OF AMERICA: LeBron was using a significant moment in time to benefit young people. And a lot of people can take those opportunities and make it about them. He really was -- his goal was to make it about kids and make it about giving opportunities for kids.

JAMES: For me to have an opportunity to give back to the Boys & Girls Club of America, that I would never change that. And if I have to take heat to give back to kids, I would do it the same way every single time.

O'BRIEN (on camera): If you look at polls, there was some poll that said he was a top sixth disliked athlete. Do you worry about that?

CARTER: The decision he made to go play for the Miami Heat, that's it. That's where he's going to play, so that's not going to change anytime soon. He's going to go play there. And you know, hopefully their team will do great.

O'BRIEN: LeBron tweeted, I will remember those of you who said this and did this. What's that mean?

CARTER: That means the fuel that he'll be playing with will be super duper duper premium. He usually plays with super premium. This year, that's a little higher grade of fuel.


SANCHEZ: A heck of a story. I will be looking forward to going down to a few games in my hometown. Looks like they're going to have one of the best basketball teams in a long time. Let's just leave it at that. Who know?

Although I was talking to Isiah Thomas, Larry King, when I was in Miami the other day at my son's university. He's the basketball coach out there at FIU. He told me he thinks that they're not going to win the first year, that it's going to take them a while to kind of click, that they're not going to have the chemistry that the Lakers do.

LARRY KING, HOST, "LARRY KING LIVE": Well, if you're a sports fan, you know that generally people think that automatically an all- star team would beat an everyday other team. That's not true.


KING: For example, if you took the all-star team of the National League this year and played the Phillies, Phillies would beat them probably seven or eight out of ten, because there's a cohesive unit. And then everybody's gunning for you. I mean, they are a disliked team, except for our hometown. They're the most disliked team in sport. They have passed the Yankees. They passed Notre Dame and they passed the Lakers.

SANCHEZ: Tell me what you got tonight because we have to go.

KING: We got Bob Woodward. He's back to talk about his new book, "Obama's Wars." And once again, incredible access to a president and others. Shows us how the most powerful leader in the world makes decisions that affect as all.


KING: Bob Woodward, how he gets there. He's unbelievable. He's here for the hour.

SANCHEZ: I checked this morning. He's already second on the best-seller list and the book's barely even out. So, good get, good interview. I'll look forward to it. Good to see you, Larry.

KING: Thanks. Same here, Rick.

SANCHEZ: All right, bye-bye. All right, we'll come back with more on things like -- well, a good goodbye. I'll see you for a while. We'll be right back.


SANCHEZ: All right. Are you ready? Let's play RICK'S LIST bingo.

English is my second language. How many times have you heard me say that? So from time to time, I break into Spanish when a news story warrants it and I got to bring you up to date on what's going on like just the other day when we were covering those mudslides down in Mexico. So a lot of you have responded this week about stuff in Spanish. Here we go.

This is the tweet from MarkTheShark. MarkTheShark says, "Wow, after two years of Spanish classes, you figure it would have taken me nine months to figure out ay, dios mio equals oh, my God."

You get it? Ay, dios mio means oh, my God. MarkTheShark figured it out. So did many of you. The book goes to MarkTheShark. We'll be back.


SANCHEZ: All right, ready? Get your recorders out because you're going to use this. I'm going to give you a valuable tool. If ever your kids decide that they want to get some kind of tattoo, just show them this. Let's do photos.


SANCHEZ: Watch what happens to this woman. Go.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Ouch. Wait, wait, wait.

SANCHEZ: Wait, wait.


SANCHEZ: Wait, wait, wait. Yes, it's unpleasant. This is the best video Brooke has seen in a long time. She can't take it. Just forget it. I don't want the tattoo that bad. The guy just says, relax, relax. She keeps screaming. And finally, they argue and the whole thing ends kind of ugly.

That's all we got for "Fotos" on this night. Thanks so much.

By the way, let me just say tonight, Brooke, you and I -- BROOKE BALDWIN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Yes.

SANCHEZ: -- we've had a blast doing this prime time thing. They asked us to fill in for the last couple of months. Beginning on Monday, Kathleen Parker, Eliot Spitzer are going to debut their new show. I haven't had a chance to meet Kathleen but I met Eliot the other day.

BALDWIN: Last week when you were in New York.

SANCHEZ: Yes, he's a good guy. I mean, he's fired up about this. They're going to do great.

BALDWIN: Best of luck to them.

SANCHEZ: Meanwhile, you and I are going to stay connected.

BALDWIN: We're still here in the afternoon.

SANCHEZ: 3:00 to 4:00 every day on RICK'S LIST. We'll be looking for you.

Here now, our pal, Larry King.